Investment Management Fund

Undergraduate students in the Department of Finance can gain hands-on experience managing a real investment portfolio set up the same as it would be in the business marketplace. The Undergraduate Student Investment Management Fund (SIM Fund) is a value-added benefit of being a finance bachelor's degree candidate at Arizona State University. A companion to the successful W. P. Carey MBA Investment Management Fund, the SIM Fund is directed by Jack D. Furst Professor of Finance Sunil Wahal.

The fund is presented in a course involving a full academic year commitment, with two credits earned in the fall semester and one in the spring semester. Students are assigned specific management responsibilities such as trend analysis, strategy development and formulation of key indexes for gauging fund performance. This course requires initiative and dedication and provides the return of real-world experience.

Fund Advisory Board presentations

A Fund Advisory Board composed of investment professionals oversees the fund, and twice a year the students present reports to the board that include fund performance and rationale for fund decisions and management. Here are links to full presentations for the 2008-2024 academic year reports.

Undergraduate presentations

How to get involved*

This program has generally been populated by undergraduate finance students who will have earned junior or senior status by the fall enrollment, but other students who bring strong credentials may be considered. Applications may be submitted for the 2025-2026 academic year only between February 1 and March 31, 2025. No late applications will be accepted. Interested students should e-mail the following application materials to with the subject line Undergraduate SIM Fund Application :

  • Resume
  • Unofficial transcript
  • 1-2 page statement to include the following:
    • • Brief statement of candidate's career goals and interest in fund involvement
    • • Summary of candidate's academic and professional background that indicates what the person would contribute to the fund (including quantitative skills)

Applications will be reviewed by the fund director and current fund members. Selection will be announced in late April.

* NOTE: Interested students should continue to monitor this website for any alterations to qualifications and/or requirements prior to submitting their applications.