Careers in finance

Even in turbulent times students graduating with majors in finance continue to be in strong demand, and we expect this to remain true as we work to reform and recast financial markets. Finance graduates receive a premium in good times and bad. A study by Philipon and Reschef 1 that tracks finance salaries shows that for college graduates the premium in finance relative to other majors has grown to more than 20 percent. And the salary premium for finance has persisted since 1968, a period that has seen three significant recessions.

Wage Premia

According to the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of financial managers is expected to grow 8 percent over the 2008–18 decade. 2

  • The national average starting salary for finance graduates is $49,940 3 .
  • A May 2008 Bureau of Labor Statistics figures indicate a median annual salary (excluding bonuses) for new and experienced financial analysts is $73,150 4 .

Professional careers

Our finance programs prepare you for professional careers in corporate financial management; investment banking; business and financial consulting; commercial lending; portfolio analysis and management; regulatory agency responsibility; brokerage and investment analysis; financial services; real estate finance; treasury operations; finance and asset and loan management for individuals, private foundations, corporations and government agencies; and finance faculty and research positions.

Employers continue to demand quality finance graduates. Our elite faculty and relationships with successful alumni, corporations, private foundations and government agencies locally, nationally and internationally provide you with the tools and connections necessary for success in the job market.

Success stories

Check out some of the success stories of our alumni, and you'll be convinced that finance is the place to be.

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