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Finance PhD placement data

Graduates with the ASU PhD degree in Business Administration with a concentration in finance secure placements at prestigious institutions throughout the world. Listed below is a table of recent graduates and their placement locations.

Name Grad. date Placement location
Du, Fangfang
2018 California State University, Fullerton
Cho, Duck Ki
2017 University of Sydney
Flynn, Sean
2017 Colorado State University
Zhao, Hong
2017 NEOMA Business School
Chi, Yung Ling
2016 National Chung Hsing University
Walton, Richard
2016 Pepperdine University
Dong, Qi
2015 KFUPM University
Wan, Pengcheng
2015 Key Bank
Xie, Daruo
2015 Australian National University
Bennett, Benjamin
2014 Ohio State University
Kang, Minjeong
2013 University of Exeter
Kim, Kirak
2013 University of Bristol
Chang, Ching-Hung
2012 National Chung Hsing University
Li, Zhichuan
2012 University of Western Ontario
Qian, Zhiyi
2012 Peking University
Wu, Qingqing
2012 North Carolina State University
Ikram, Atif
2011 Wayne State University
Shi, Zhen
2011 Georgia State University
Young, Brian
2011 Mississippi State University
Aiken, Adam
2010 Quinnipiac University
Robinson, John
2010 Viterbo University
Silveri, Sabatino 2009 State University of New York, Binghamton
Wu, Chen 2009 University of Texas at Tyler
Clifford, Chris 2008 University of Kentucky
Li, Zhi 2008 Tulane University
Svetina, Marko 2008 University of San Diego
Villupuram, Sriram 2008 Colorado State University
Cashman, George 2007 Texas Tech University
Wang, Yan 2007 Chinese University of Hong Kong
Balcarcel, Ana 2005 University of Dayton
Kelly, Patrick 2005 University of South Florida
Meschke, Felix 2005 University of Minnesota
Bauguess, Scott 2004 Texas Tech University
Kalpathy, Swaminathan 2004 Washington State University
Durham, Gregory 2003 Montana State University
Adams, Brian 2003 University of Portland
Ji, Xiuqing 2003 Baruch University
Santhanakrishnan, Mukunthan 2003 Idaho State University
Topaluglu, Selim 2002 Purdue University
Naveen, Lalitha 2001 Georgia State University
Daniel, Naveen 2001 Georgia State University
Venkataraman, Krishnakumar 2000 Southern Methodist University
Gadarowski, Christopher 2000 Cornell University
Linck, James 1999 University of Rochester
Williams, Karyn 1999 Claremont Graduate School