About the Department of Finance

The programs in the Department of Finance in ASU's W. P. Carey School of Business provide students with insight and hands-on exposure to finance and related disciplines at the intersection of theory and practice.

We care about the practice of finance and business. Our faculty, through our curriculum, provide powerful models to simplify a complex world. As public scholars and consultants they fulfill a responsibility by lending their expertise to government agencies, private foundations and corporations. Our faculty and graduates are actively involved in recasting and remaking our financial markets and institutions.

Our department's faculty group ranks in the top 25 for research among thousands in the world for articles published annually in the top four finance journals. The knowledge they generate continually inspires the curriculum they provide to shape superior student experiences, both at individual and team levels.

We forge industry and business partnerships that represent how theory and practice can strengthen one another. Our students benefit from the collaboration through enhanced programming geared specifically to current business requirements and through opportunities to apply knowledge to substantive business problems.


The Department of Finance endeavors to:

  • Develop and deliver educational programs that enable our students to achieve academic, professional and personal success
  • Create knowledge that makes a difference in the way we understand the world, formulate policy and advance our community