How and when to apply

Direct admission means you’re a W. P. Carey School of Business student from day one at Arizona State University. This sets you up for success in college and beyond, by giving you more time to capitalize on important opportunities university-wide, more support to help you achieve your goals, and more wiggle room to shape your ideal education. It all starts with your undergraduate application to ASU — follow these guidelines to maximize your chance of receiving direct admission to ASU business programs.

Apply now

Meet the requirements

The W. P. Carey School of Business offers direct admission to all students who meet both general university and W. P. Carey admission requirements. Review these requirements early to give yourself time to work with our admissions team. Contact us for help with any question or concerns you have throughout your application and enrollment process.

Get ready to apply

With the right personal, school, and residency information handy, completing your application will be a breeze. See what kinds of questions you might have to answer, so you have everything you need when it’s time to apply.

  • Your legal name, and any former names (if applicable)
  • Home address and phone number — for communication purposes regarding your application
  • U.S. military status — options to help Veteran Services identify students who may qualify for additional financial aid (U.S. service members and veterans, spouses/dependents of U.S. service members and veterans)
  • Citizenship — country of citizenship, Social Security Number (for U.S. students), type of student visa (international students)
  • Parent or legal guardian — first and last name, email address, how they are related to you, highest level of schooling completed
  • Affiliation with the ASU community — for matching your ASU records and coursework (readmission students)
  • Your high school — location and name of your high school, graduation month and year
  • Past colleges and universities — student status (current/past enrollment, including option for high school students who have received or will receive credit for dual enrollment courses), location and name of institution, dates attended, degree received (if applicable)

Initial residency classification at Arizona State University is determined when students are admitted to ASU, based on guidelines provided by the Arizona Board of Regents. You will first indicate whether you consider yourself to be an Arizona resident. Students who identify as Arizona residents will then answer questions to help determine your residency classification, including the following:

  • Month and year you became an Arizona resident
  • State and original issue date of your driver’s license or ID (if applicable)
  • State your vehicle is registered in (if applicable)
  • Your primary means of support for the past two years (percentage from employment, parent, spouse, financial aid, and other)
  • State where you filed state income tax for the past two years (if applicable)

Complete your application

After you collect the right information, you’re ready to get started on your online application. You will complete four sections — My Information, My Schools, Residency, Choose Major — and review your application prior to submission.

Select a business degree program while applying to ensure you are considered for direct admission to the W. P. Carey School of Business at ASU. You can search for your program of choice by college, campus location, or by keyword. Searching by college (W. P. Carey School of Business) is the best way to quickly view all our undergraduate degrees — keep in mind that you can always change your major or campus (for some programs) after you’ve been admitted.

After you complete your application, there are a few other things you should do to make sure it’s processed as quickly and as smoothly as possible:

  • Submit the nonrefundable application fee — $50 for Arizona residents, $65 for non-residents
  • Request to have your ACT or SAT scores sent directly to ASU from ACT or College Board — required for merit scholarship consideration
  • Request official transcripts from each educational institution you have attended — mailed or sent electronically directly to ASU Admission Services by the records office of the issuing institution

You will receive an ASURITE UserID to sign in to My ASU, where you can see if you have any missing items and view your admission status after you apply. ASU will review your application file once you have submitted all necessary materials. A completed application takes four to six weeks to process.