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What is direct admission?

Direct admission to the W. P. Carey School of Business means you’re an undergraduate business student from day one at ASU. This sets you up for success in college and beyond, by ensuring you have the time and flexibility to customize your education and capitalize on important opportunities university-wide.

Direct admission makes W. P. Carey’s undergraduate programs stand out, as many other top business schools do not allow students to be admitted into their program until their sophomore year. W. P. Carey allows students to start learning about business and taking advantage of key opportunities from day one. It provides a more immersive experience and helps students build community sooner.

What are the benefits of direct admission?

Being able to take classes related to your major right away allows you to become truly immersed in the world of business. As soon as classes begin, you’ll start building a strong foundation of business principles and theories.

You’ll also be immediately welcomed into the community and discover why W. P. Carey is Where Business is Personal.® For first-year students who choose to pursue their degrees on campus, the Business Community Advantage provides the foundation for your living and learning experience at ASU. You’ll take classes with a common cohort of peers, and live with fellow business students, making it easy to form study groups and friendships.

The many resources W. P. Carey has to offer for its students will be available to you from day one. Our academic advisors are here to help you stay on track and succeed in your classes. If you’re interested in adding a concurrent degree or minor, or you’re considering switching to a different business major, your advisor will help make the process as simple as possible. You’ll also have access to career coaching and resources from the W. P. Carey Career Services Center, because it’s never too early to start planning your career path.

How direct admission works at W. P. Carey

Direct admission into the W. P. Carey School of Business is a simple process that can be completed along with your general application to ASU. If you do not meet the requirements

Meet W. P. Carey and ASU requirements

If you meet the admission requirements for both ASU and W. P. Carey, you will be directly admitted into your business program of choice. The major(s) you select will make a difference here; Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degree programs have different admission requirements.

Choosing a program

When you fill out your application, you will choose your program of study. It is possible to change your major if you decide to at a later time, as well as add a concurrent degree, a minor, or a certificate. W. P. Carey academic advisors can help you with the process of choosing and changing your major.

Taking business classes

Undergraduate students who are directly admitted to the W. P. Carey School of Business can take business classes from the beginning. WPC 101 is one of the key business undergraduate classes you’ll take at ASU, including an overview of all the resources available to you here — and an immersive entrepreneurship challenge and team project. You’ll also enroll in business skill and core courses early in your undergraduate program.

Campus locations and online learning

Our undergraduate business degrees are delivered at different ASU campus locations, depending on the program. W. P. Carey has a presence at the Tempe, West Valley, and Polytechnic campuses, as well as ASU Online. Business degrees are also available through ASU Local and at ASU Lake Havasu City. Some of our programs are available at multiple locations. Depending on the college experience and career path you desire, learning more about each campus will help you choose the right place and program for you.

Direct admission to the business school ensures you’re part of a living and learning community that aligns with your major. Students who live on campus are housed in a residential business community based on their ASU campus location and degree program. This helps students make meaningful connections with classmates and with upper-division student leaders who are there to offer guidance and support student engagement.

Many of our undergraduate degrees are available 100% online, allowing you to be a W. P. Carey student anywhere. ASU Online students have access to the same, high-quality advising and career services that our in-person students receive on campus.

What to do if you’re not directly admitted

If you don’t meet the requirements to be directly admitted into W. P. Carey, you can submit an Admissions Portfolio for review. The portfolio reflects your good academic standing within ASU and your completion of core coursework. This process is competitive, so we recommend consulting a W. P. Carey academic advisor for assistance to ensure your portfolio meets all requirements.

Need help with next steps? Make an admission appointment to speak directly with an undergraduate admission coordinator. We look forward to hearing from you!