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Published twice a year, W. P. Carey magazine reflects the diverse interests and achievements of the school's alumni, faculty, students, and businesses. Please share your questions, comments, and subscription requests with us via email at editor.wpcmagazine@asu.edu.

Spring 2020 magazine

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Spring 2020 magazine

Spring 2020

It's OK to say the F-word. Fail is not a dirty word. Get insights from alumni who have powered through failures to find success. From professional setbacks to life-changing personal events, discover tips on how to overcome obstacles from those who have been there themselves. See how success fits Tommy John founders comfortably, catch up with the 2019 Alumni Hall of Fame class, and learn the truth about business school rankings. Research also shows the problem with performance goals, the power of social capital, and why newspaper closures prompt extra effort for local businesses.
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Autumn 2019 magazine

Autumn 2019

How do retailers thrive in today's rapidly evolving marketplace? Faculty experts and on-the-ground alumni pros share their tips. Generations of alums tell us how they shop for goods. Plus read about the customized, environmentally friendly future of fashion. There's also research about how digital and physical touchpoints shape our customer experience, the business perils of distraction, and post-college affects of merit-based aid.
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Spring 2019 magazine

Spring 2019

Meet the alumni behind the magical storytelling, highlight-reel-worthy athletic accomplishments, and can’t-miss viral moments of the entertainment industry. Hold on to the edge of your seat as you read about four alums whose professional careers were unalterably changed when an unexpected event or opportunity came up. And get a 3-minute briefing of two impactful people in the corporate world, plus research about food deserts, virtual robots, and why we shop to feel better.
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Autumn 2018 magazine

Autumn 2018

We spend much of our lives thinking about money. Do we have enough cash in our pocket to buy a snack? How do we fund a big idea? What’s “the number” for a comfortable retirement? Alumni and professors guide us with their financial principles on earning, investing, and spending. Join us as we trace a successful alumna and alumnus in their rise in the world of finance. Plus, the future of cryptocurrency.
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Spring 2018 magazine

Spring 2018

Today’s energy providers and sources continue to evolve, from wood and coal to natural gas and solar. Globally, attitudes and perceptions about power efficiency prevail. W. P.  Carey magazine caught up with alumni whose companies are diversifying how they do business in the energy industry. Plus, meet the utility leader who champions sustainability and alumna who navigates the conscious capitalism path. You’ll get strategy secrets from the 2017 Alumni Hall of Fame inductees, too.
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Autumn 2017 magazine

Autumn 2017

It's not your standard-issue, government-backed space race anymore. Space is serious business and these days that business is booming. W. P. Carey magazine catches up with alumni whose companies are planning for an interstellar future, and the sky is by no means the limit. Also, meet an alumna and alumnus whose formative years inspired rewarding careers. Plus, get the latest research and tips for managing your device use.
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Spring 2017 magazine

Spring 2017

When we think of good neighbors, qualities such as friendly and considers our lifestyle come to mind. For decades, this only applied to people. Today, the trend is toward companies creating strong relationships with neighborhoods. W. P. Carey magazine covers this scene playing out across the country. Also, learn about sustainable living and three alums with deep roots in real estate.
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Autumn 2016 magazine

Autumn 2016

How do companies like Sossaman Farms secure the future of local foods? W. P. Carey magazine talks to local farmers to find out. Also in this issue, meet students and alumni who are using hands-on consulting experiences to add value to business. Plus, you’ll get to know doctoral students studying information systems, supply chain management, management and economics.
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Spring 2016 magazine

Spring 2016

Health care heal thyself: W. P. Carey magazine talks to providers about their efforts to improve the patient experience while simultaneously lowering costs. From research, meet the scholars who are studying well-being, family farms and female CEOs. Also in this issue, learn how high achievers are handling stress, and two remarkable students talk about the rocky road to college.
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Fall 2015 magazine

Autumn 2015

It may be lonely at the top, but CEOs are not alone. W. P. Carey magazine takes you inside the boardroom, where seasoned business leaders counsel and guide the captains of industry. Also in this issue, meet alumni designers with business savvy who are creating beautiful things for your life. Catch up on research, update your calendar and see what your classmates are doing.
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Spring 2015 magazine

Spring 2015

Box scores, batting averages, splits: numbers have always been part of sports, but never more so than today. As our alumni report, data analytics is transforming sports, on the field and in the back office. Meantime, Cactus League baseball is back in town! Read on for research, class notes, and more.
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Autumn 2014 magazine

Autumn 2014

The W. P. Carey School of Business is fertile ground for entrepreneurs. In this issue, read about successful ventures led by students and alumni, including a few started while their owners were still students. Browse our guide to some of the fun places eat, party and hang out around campus — just in time for Homecoming!
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Spring 2014 Magazine

Spring 2014

W. P. Carey and the business community are partners in the joint venture of building and running successful organizations. In this issue, read about the ways companies come to campus for talent and solutions, and about alumni who applied their business education to create a new model for nurturing families and neighborhoods. Read this issue

Autumn 2013 magazine

Autumn 2013

In its debut issue, W. P. Carey magazine introduces the school’s new dean, Amy Hillman, and tours McCord Hall, the school’s new center for graduate and honors business education. Also read about an alumnus who pioneered digital technologies that transformed entertainment, a summer camp for first-year students and research from top business scholars. Read this issue