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What business major should I choose?

With 30+ business degree programs, undergraduate students at ASU’s W. P. Carey School of Business have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a major. There are many factors to consider, including your interests, your skills and strengths, and where the industry is trending. Luckily, W. P. Carey offers flexibility within programs with electives and concentrations to make your experience tailored to you. And, if you decide to change your major along the way, our professional advising staff can help you navigate your path to graduation.

Which major is right for you?

One of the most important factors to think about when picking your major is also deceptively simple: what kind of career do you think you would enjoy? The first answer may be, “business,” but the business world encompasses so many industries and so many facets of life, every student’s ideal career looks at least a bit different from others.

Know your interests

If you’ve had a dream job since you were younger, research the best programs to reach that position. For example, if you’ve always wanted to work in the advertising or sales department of a professional sports team, sports business could be a great fit for your future.

“I chose a sports business degree because of my lifelong infatuation with sports in every capacity. It is easy for me to do something I love and that is the exact thought process that went into my major,” says Ethan Hasson (BA Sports Business ’25). “I chose W. P. Carey because of the fantastic business school and the endless opportunities that are given to students. I knew that coming to W. P. Carey would let me grow my knowledge as a student and human while giving me the tools I need to thrive.”

Knowing the general industry or type of organization you’d like to work for can also be helpful. “I knew I wanted to be a finance major when I came to ASU,” says Ella Meyers (BS Finance ’27). Earning a finance degree aligns with her interest in the stock market and related career opportunities. The school also offers a financial planning degree for undergraduate students.

The logistics

There are other, more practical things to consider as well. If there’s a particular place you’d like to live, some industries and careers will be more prevalent there than others. You can research the career paths most associated with different degree programs and compare potential earnings. Some careers may require more working hours than others, especially if you’re just starting out. It’s important to consider all factors, including your lifestyle and work satisfaction, to figure out the best program fit for you.

“I want to be an accountant when I grow up and I figured that W. P. Carey would be a good place for me to go,” says Aaron Geenen (BS Accountancy ’27). Students in the accountancy degree program often pursue an ASU master’s degree in accounting or taxation after they graduate. W. P. Carey’s MACC and MTax programs emphasize data and analytics.

Skills, strengths, and experience

College is a great time to discover your strengths and build new skills, but you might already have an idea of where some of your strengths lie. If you succeeded in math during high school, consider checking out statistics or economics.

“I love supply chain and economics has great career opportunities,” says Ryan Miller (BS Economics/Supply Chain Management ’25). The supply chain management degree at W. P. Carey is highly ranked by U.S. News & World Report. With an ASU economics degree, you’ll learn to model economic phenomena in a precise and rigorous way using quantitative tools such as algebra, calculus, and statistics.

If you loved English class and have a way with words, a marketing or business communication degree could be the best option for you. “I love storytelling and marketing,” says Hersh Pathak (BS Marketing/Management ’24). “Being a part of Business Ambassadors has been amazing. I love the community and the impact it has had on my personal journey at W. P. Carey, along with the alumni of the organization.”

“W. P. Carey is the place to develop business acumen, foster friendships, and be educated by world-class faculty at a Top 30 business school,” Pathak adds. Students in our marketing degree and management degree programs engage in a variety of engaging courses, covering topics in leadership, social media, and more.

The marketing program also offers a focus on professional sales. “I want to pursue a career in sales. I view sales more as a problem solving job rather than tricking people, and I find that premise very fulfilling,” says Val Hernandez (BS Marketing Professional Sales ’25). “The Professional Sales Club has led me to countless opportunities socially, professionally, and scholastically.”

Work style

Your preferred work style can also be a factor in choosing the right major. Look back on your time in school, especially in school projects. If you know you’re a people person who loves interacting with and helping others, ASU’s human resources degree may be the perfect fit.

“I chose ASU because they had a specific degree I wanted and they are partnered with many businesses that give direct pathways for internships,” says Brooke Odoski (BA Human Resources ’24). “I believe HR best aligns with my personality and after taking on a capstone in high school, I felt that this career was for me.”

Your experience and aspirations

If you have prior experience within a certain industry that you would like to build upon, that could be a great start for exploring majors. Even if you simply worked at a clothing store over the summer, maybe it sparked an interest in retail management. Go ahead and imagine the possibilities! Mixing and matching different degree programs can lead to a unique career path.

“I thought running the supply chain of a medical device company would be more interesting than marketing or financing a medical device,” says Maxamalia Hackert (BS Supply Chain Management ’25). “I chose to pursue pre-med because I would like to become a physician, and I believe I can use my SCM knowledge and skills as a surgeon concurrently in the future.”

Business majors for the future

The world is constantly changing as innovations and technologies make an impact. Looking at industry trends is a good way to gauge what areas will have more growth and job opportunities, which might impact what majors you consider.

Applied business and technology solutions

Even if you’re not interested in a technology-focused career, having a broad understanding of concepts like analytics and computer systems will undoubtedly be a positive for your future. The applied business and technology solutions degree is a practice-based program that prepares you for a career in a variety of industries with knowledge and experience in multiple facets of business, including these areas of tech.

Business data analytics

Most business decisions now are made with the aid of data, so experience working with analytical tools is a big bonus in the job market. Companies now want as many of their employees as possible to be familiar with data analysis, no matter the industry. Our business data analytics degree program prepares you for a career that is high in demand and easily transferable between organizations.

Computer information systems

The world is driven by computers, so it’s understandable that having a good foundational knowledge of computer information systems is a highly sought-after trait in the workforce. These systems are used in every part of business operations, from logistics to data analysis and project management. The computer information systems degree program teaches you how to design, build, and maintain these crucial systems for practically any business.


As the conversation around our environment has grown, there is a strong push for more sustainable business practices in every industry. Businesses and organizations are increasingly looking for individuals with knowledge and experience in this realm. ASU as a whole is a leader in the world of sustainability, and the business sustainability degree from W. P. Carey is a great example of that. Students in this program learn how to make ethically-minded and environmentally-conscious business decisions.

With over 30 majors, there are many ways to earn a business bachelor’s degree at W. P. Carey. And there is no one way to pick your major. It’s important to consider multiple factors to set you on the path to a happy and successful career. Remember that it’s possible to switch majors after you have started, and your academic advisor is there to help you make a smooth transition if necessary.

No matter what major you choose, engaging in opportunities beyond the classroom will help maximize your time at ASU. For future students who’d like to learn more, we recommend making an admissions appointment or visiting us on campus. We look forward to hearing from you!