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Popular business degree combinations

For those who have a specific career path in mind, or are interested in multiple areas of business, concurrent degrees help you make the most of your time at ASU’s W. P. Carey School of Business. Because many of our undergraduate degree programs have a core set of classes in common, pursuing concurrent degrees is easy and won’t add much, if any, extra time before graduation.

In addition to traditional business disciplines, W. P. Carey offers a range of degrees for those interested in leading innovation or starting their own firm. Explore our degrees in business entrepreneurship, applied business and technology solutions, and entrepreneurial leadership to see what we mean. Some of the most popular concurrent degree combinations with finance, supply chain management, and marketing are detailed below.

Finance degree combinations

The current global financial and economic climate may present the greatest opportunity for finance students and graduates that we’ve seen in a generation or more. Students who pursue a finance degree will be prepared for opportunities in venture capital, real estate, entrepreneurship, and more.

Finance and accountancy

Finance and accounting have some similarities, but that doesn’t mean you need to pick one or the other. Especially if you’re interested in a career in corporate finance, having additional experience and knowledge of accounting processes and regulations will give you a leg up in a highly competitive job market.

Finance and economics

Economics is a foundational aspect of the finance industry, so these degree programs pair very well together. Learning economic modeling, statistical tools, and microeconomic and macroeconomic theory will help you see finance from a well-rounded perspective, leading to a successful career in investment banking or hedge fund management.

Adding global politics to economics or finance is another great opportunity for those who want to work in a research setting and/or who enjoy macroeconomics. It also can give you the reading and writing skills needed to remain competitive for law school or graduate programs in political science, international relations, or economics.

Finance and management

Management is a crucial skill to have in any business career. For those who have ambitions of being a big player on Wall Street or running their own business or investment firm, the combination of finance and management will prepare you to become a leader within the industry.

Supply chain management degree combinations

Supply chain management influences all facets of a business and daily life, making it a highly relevant area of study with diverse career opportunities. The supply chain management degree at W. P. Carey is consistently ranked one of the best in the world, preparing students to excel in logistics, production, and procurement.

Supply chain management and business data analytics

Every company relies on data for decision-making, including within their supply chain and logistics management. Having a solid background in data collection, modeling, and analytics is a skill that will continue to rise in demand and can make you a leader in any organization’s supply chain management department.

Supply chain management and sustainability

Pairing your supply chain management degree with sustainability is an excellent way to future-proof your career, as organizations continue to look at making their supply chains more sustainable and environmentally and socially conscious.

Marketing degree combinations

Marketing is dynamic, pervasive and exciting. It steers innovation, strategy, revenue generation and profitability and, ultimately, marketing drives economic development and corporate performance. The W. P. Carey undergraduate marketing degree pairs well with a range of other majors.

Students also have the option to pursue a marketing degree with a concentration in professional sales or in digital and integrated marketing communications. These subjects pair perfectly together to open doors to a variety of career paths, along with a sound foundation in business that any organization will covet.

Marketing and language and culture

Pursue a global marketing career. Some of the biggest companies operate across the world, and even local businesses may work with organizations in other countries. If you’re interested in a career with a multinational corporation, or a global marketing agency, having a strong foundation in a second language is strongly recommended, and necessary for some positions.

Marketing and sports business

Many new graduates are looking for jobs in sports marketing, adding a sports business degree will help you be prepared for this exciting and rewarding industry. You’ll develop skills that are highly sought after by sports teams, leagues, and venues.

Students who are interested in marketing and sports business may also consider adding a business data analytics degree to their program of study. Sports fans know how important data analytics has become within the industry, but it goes beyond players’ stats. Everything from advertising to ticket sales to operations within a sports organization is informed by data, which makes this degree pairing perfect for the sports enthusiast who loves crunching numbers.

More to explore

There are many factors to consider when it comes to choosing a business major or concurrent degree programs. This list covers some of the most popular degree combinations and ones that are in high demand from employers, but it’s in no way definitive.

Our professional advising staff can help you evaluate concurrent degree programs and outline how adding or changing majors might impact your path to graduation. Your advisor will be knowledgeable about requirements, electives, and more.

Career coaches and resources from the W. P. Carey Career Services Center may also inspire you to add a concurrent degree program that’s relevant to your future path. We can help you determine which majors will map to the industries, functions, and companies you are interested in.

Even if you don’t know what direction you want to head in right now, early exploration and conversations with your advisor and career coach can help you customize a program of study that leads to a meaningful career.