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W. P. Carey Alumni Hall of Fame

Established in 1977, the W. P. Carey Alumni Hall of Fame recognizes alumni who have made significant contributions to their professions, the community, and the W. P. Carey School of Business.

This year we are honoring the following alumni from the W. P. Carey School of Business:

Frank Clyburn
MBA ’00

Russell Scibetti
MBA '08, Sports Business and Marketing

William Feldhorn
BS '64, Business Administration

Guadalupe “Lupe” Iñiguez
BS '70, Accountancy

Hall of Fame members


Bruce Merrill
Accountancy '47


Joseph L. Refsnes
Accountancy '50

Harvey E. Streich
Accountancy '50

Robert J. Borgmann
Accountancy '51

Edward M. Carson
Marketing '51
Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters '93

Lincoln J. Ragsdale Sr.
Economics '53

Wayne S. Doran
Economics '56

Donald R. Liem
Economics '56

Gene E. Rice
Management '57

Darrell A. Sawyer
Management '57

A. Marvin Strait
Accountancy '57

James R. Grimm
Accountancy '58

Ralph M. McDonald Jr.
Accountancy '58
MBA '68

John K. Darragh
Accountancy '59

James U. Gentry
Accountancy '59

Bryan E. Newman
Management '59


James L. Kunkel
Accountancy '60

John P. Singleton
Management '60

Robert B. Bulla
Business Administration '61

Charles C. Hahn III
Business Administration '61

Don B. Stout
Business Administration '61
MBA '62

R. Bruce Andrews
Accountancy '62

Charles G. Lawrence
Marketing '62

Rex G. Maughan
Accountancy '62
Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters '02

Dick L. Rottman
Insurance '62

Joseph A. Watters
Advertising '62

John J. Brooking
Business Administration '63

Geoffrey H. Edmunds Sr.
Accountancy '63

Ronald A. Evans
Management '63

Robert C. Hobbs Sr.
Marketing '63

Maj. Gen. Carl G. Schneider
Management '64

Vincent C. Streech
Management '66

Capt. Stephen O. Evans Management '67
MBA '68

Durrell W. Hillis
MSE '67
MBA '70

John B. Mumford
Accountancy '67

Craig E. Weatherup
Accountancy '67
Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters '99

Leonard L. Berry
PhD '68

Chris J. Cookson
Electrical Engineering '69, MBA '70

Rossi Ralenkotter
BS Marketing '69


Tony M. Astorga
Accountancy '70

George A. Schreiber Jr.
Finance '70
MBA '71

Ronald G. Stegall
Business Administration '70

Chuck J. Robel
Accountancy '71

Lee M. Cohn
Business Administration '71

Kathryn A. Forbes
Accountancy '73

D. Larry Moore
PhD '73

Bill J. Post
Quantitative Systems '73

Edward A. Blechschmidt
Business Administration '74

Cristina M. Morgan
Management '75
MBA '77

Thomas R. Evans
Business Administration '76

Michael Staenberg
Business Administration ’76

Scott Wald
Management '76
MBA '79

Joseph J. Euteneuer
Accountancy '78

William E. Keitel
MBA '78

William B. Kent
Business Administration '78

Richard P. Rosenthal
Accountancy '78

Michael J. Ahearn
Finance '79
JD '82

Eddie Levian
Business Administration '79

John A. Vandevier
Business Administration '79

Robert J. Zollars
Marketing '79

1980s and beyond

Scott A. Donaldson
Accountancy '80
MS Accountancy '81

Jack D. Furst
Finance '81

Mary M. Hentges
Accountancy '81

Gregg E. Tryhus
MBA '81

Richard J. Kuhle
MBA '82

David J. Larcher
Real Estate '82

Tom M. Herman
Marketing '83

Jerry Olivo
BS Finance '83

Eric J. Crown
Computer Information Systems '84

William Van Epps
BS '71, Marketing

Larry Carter
BS '74, Accountancy

Tom M. Harris
Accountancy '85
MTax '92

Greg Vogel
BS Real Estate '85

Doug A. Ducey
Finance '86

Elizabeth A. Crain
Economics '87

Martin M. Quintana
Business Administration '87
MBA '04

Sondra Lehman
Accountancy ’88

Tariq Jesrai
MBA '91

Brian C. Gentile
MBA '92

Diana Yazzie Devine
MBA '99

Richard Boals
BS '79, Accountancy

Kevin Warren
MBA '88

Edmundo Hidalgo
MBA '00

Maryann G. Miller
MBA '01

Robert W. Pryor MD
MBA '03

Baojun Ai
MBA '05

Jianguo J. Xu
MBA '05

Christopher Myers
Finance ’06

Canglong Liu
MBA '07

Guisheng Yang
MBA '07
DBA ‘15

Vivek Kopparthi
MS Management '14

Young Alumni Inductee:
Matthew Michalowski
BS '09, Finance