PhD program timeline

An overarching theme of our program is involvement of the students in the research process as early, and as much, as possible. Towards that end, students take FIN 700 in the early first fall semester of the program. FIN 700 is an intensive 2-hour course that gives students the research skills necessary to participate in the research process from the very beginning of the program. Having acquired those skills, first-year students are assigned to assist faculty with their ongoing research. Students continue in the role of teaching associate over the remainder of their time in the program. Outlined below is a typical PhD program timetable.

First year

  • Complete FIN 700, Research Methods
  • Complete relevant coursework
  • Work on publishable research with faculty

Second year

  • Complete most or all of remaining coursework
  • Work on publishable research with faculty
  • Present the research paper
  • Take second-year (comprehensive) exam (given in early summer following second year of coursework)

Third, fourth and fifth year

  • Work on dissertation
  • Present original research in Department of Finance Brownbag Lunch seminars
  • Work on publishable research with faculty
  • Complete dissertation
  • Successfully defend dissertation