Message from the chair

Amy Ostrom Department of Marketing

Welcome to the W. P. Carey Department of Marketing! Our faculty take great pride in our people, programs and performance. We are committed to excellence in education, knowledge development and service to our discipline and communities. Our culture is friendly and focused, and we have an outstanding Staff ready to assist you.

The marketing discipline is a broad, dynamic field with many compelling opportunities for students, faculty and all types of organizations. Our world-class faculty enjoy studying and teaching marketing, and they produce sophisticated research that helps businesses relate to their customers and markets more effectively and profitably.The W. P. Carey Department of Marketing is consistently ranked by U.S. News & World Report in the top 25 of undergraduate marketing disciplines. In addition, Bloomberg Businessweek has ranked the Marketing Department’s marketing specialty in the W. P. Carey MBA program at No. 4 (2010).

Much of our research involves corporate partners who work directly with us, providing support and guidance. Our research productivity is consistently ranked among the best institutions of higher education nationally. Our internationally renowned Center for Services Leadership stands at the forefront of research and executive education. The Center's prestigious charter member firms and advisory board provide support and counsel for our activities.

Our cutting-edge curricula and courses, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, help prepare students for successful careers. We believe in balancing fundamentals with innovative ideas and practices, and in building practical skills in market analysis, marketing strategy, decision-making, and communication. Recruiters find our students to be energetic, motivated and prepared to take on the new global business environment.

We invite our alumni and friends to stay in touch with us.

Amy Ostrom
PetSmart Chair in Services Leadership
Chair, Department of Marketing