Financial assistance

Each year, Arizona State University and the W. P. Carey School of Business provide doctoral students with competitive financial assistance. Teaching or research assistantships are available to qualified students, and serve not only as financial support but as a critical pathway for students to interact with faculty and work with them in their research activities. Assistantships offer doctoral students opportunities to participate in original research and gain recognition for their work through co-authorship of publications.

Typically, the following financial aid package is offered to doctoral students:

  • A competitive graduate assistant stipend per academic year (9 months) for four to five years.
  • An opportunity to earn additional money by teaching at least one class during the six-week sessions each summer
  • Full tuition remission
  • Student health insurance

Loans and other forms of financial support may be available; students seeking additional funding opportunities must file a FAFSA form to determine eligibility.