Marketing PhD placement data

The PhD program is for those students who want to become full-time professors at research-oriented universities. We provide the training and support needed to help our students pursue successful careers in academia.

Our program has resulted in excellent placement of our students at leading research institutions across the US and worldwide. Below is a list of recent graduates and their initial and current placements.

Name PhD year Initial placement Current placement
Darima Fotheringham 2022 Texas Tech University Texas Tech University
Helen Van der Sluis 2022 University of South Carolina University of South Carolina
Qin Wang 2022 Mississippi State University Mississippi State University
Michelle Daniels 2021 University of Alabama University of Alabama
Saeed Janani 2020 University of Houston - Victoria University of Houston - Victoria
Noelle (Myunghun) Chung 2019 NEOMA Business School - France NEOMA Business School - France
Freeman Wu 2018 Vanderbilt University Vanderbilt University
Mi Hyun Lee 2018 Northwestern University (Medill) Northwestern University (Medill)
Daniel Brannon 2016 University of Northern Colorado University of Northern Colorado
Nguyen Pham 2016 St Bonaventure University Monmouth University
Ranjit Christopher 2016 University of Missouri-Kansas City University of Missouri-Kansas City
Daniele Mathras 2016 Northeastern University Northeastern University
Chadwick Miller 2015 Washington State University Washington State University
Elise Riker 2015 University of Arkansas Arizona State University
Helen Wang 2013 University of Hong Kong University of Hong Kong
Jaime Salas 2013 Pepperdine University Pepperdine University
Christine Ringler 2012 Rutgers University of Alabama
Nancy Sirianni 2011 Texas Christian University University of Alabama
James Loveland 2011 Hec-Montreal Xavier University
Katherine Loveland 2011 Hec-Montreal Xavier University
Iana Castro 2011 San Diego State University San Diego State University