News and Announcements

Fall 2015

The Department of Marketing is pleased to welcome five new faculty members to the W. P. Carey family.

Kirk Kristofferson, assistant professor. Joining us from the University of British Columbia, Kirk will teach undergraduate marketing strategy courses. His research interests are centered on consumer behavior and the impact of social influence and persuasion in consumption contexts.

Monika Lisjak, assistant professor. Joining us from Erasmus University in The Netherlands, Monika will teach undergraduate marketing consumer behavior courses. Her research interests focus on consumer goals and behaviors.

Wolfgang Ulaga, research professor and co-executive director of the Center for Services Leadership. Joining us from IMD — International Institute for Management Development in Switzerland, his teaching focus is services. His research interests are in the business-to-business services domain.

John Dietrich, lecturer. Joining us from the private sector with extensive marketing and sales experience, John will teach in the undergraduate professional sales program.

Daniel McIntosh, lecturer. Joining us from both the private sector and from education, Daniel will teach in the undergraduate sports business and sports and media studies programs.