Student highlights

2019 Marketing scholars and awards

On April 22, 2019, the Marketing Department held its Annual Awards and Scholarship Reception at the ASU University Club. Scholarships and awards were presented to undergraduate, MBA, and PhD students.

MBA award recipients
Lauren Baum Edward M. Carson Outstanding MBA Student
Abby Rudd Center for Services Leadership MBA Excellence Award
PhD award recipients
Michelle Daniels Ken Coney Teaching Excellence Award
Pradeep Jacob Grossman Memorial Scholarship
Darima Fotheringham Dr. Leonard Berry Endowed PhD Fellowship in Services Leadership
Michelle Daniels Michael D. & Rita M. Hutt Scholarship
Qin Wang Kenneth A. Coney Memorial Scholarship
Qin Wang Alfred H. Schmidt Memorial Scholarship
Saeed Janani Alfred H. Schmidt Memorial Scholarship
Undergraduate award recipients
Amanda Kichler EEdward M Carson Outstanding Marketing Student
Juan Valenzuela Gallardo Kenn Rowe Scholarship
Emily Giel Marketing Excellence Award
Henrielle Millon Marketing Excellence Award
Owen Sumner Marketing Excellence Award
Kaylie Volpe Marketing Excellence Award
Hannah Roehr Pat Tillman Scholarship
Kaitlin Mcphail Dilman MK Smith Scholarship
Michila Elkins Lonnie Ostrom Marketing Scholarship
Kaleigh Feuerstein Digital Shingle Marketing Scholarship
Harrison Sharp Digital Shingle Marketing Scholarship
Drew Mann Bissell Pohl Scholarship
Moses Adams The Audacious Marketing Scholarship
Mariela Lozano Porras The Audacious Marketing Scholarship
Taylor Siffermann Robert V. and Olene C. Zacher Memorial
Chandler Barr Robert V. and Olene C. Zacher Memorial
Brenna Kasprzyk Robert V. and Olene C. Zacher Memorial
Sydney Ferguson Robert V. and Olene C. Zacher Memorial
Nicole Berge Robert V. and Olene C. Zacher Memorial
Julissa Ramirez Duncan Jennings Memorial Scholarship
Carly Kramer Cardinal Healthcare Scholarship
Logan Simmons Roger Hagel Endowed Scholarship
Spencer Snee Western Association of Food Chains Scholarship
Nathan Coady Paycom Scholar
Aleczander Vanlue Waste Management Scholar
Lucas Botta Outstanding Sports Business Student