PhD program overview

The doctoral program is a full-time residential program for students whose career goals are full-time, tenure-track research and teaching positions at research-focused universities. As a PhD candidate, you will develop the capability to recognize marketing-related problems, frame these problems into research questions, and address them in a scholarly way.

During the program, you will review, analyze, conduct and publish research. A series of doctoral seminars and research methods courses, as well as participation in active research projects, will prepare you for your research. Additionally, you will develop and hone your teaching skills through assignments as a teaching assistant or instructor.

Each marketing PhD student will receive a comprehensive, broad-based education in marketing concepts and research techniques. Further, students at ASU have the ability to specialize in one of three research domains.

  • Consumer behavior 
  • Service strategy 
  • Quantitative marketing models

Applicants should declare a specialization during the application process. By the end of their first year, students will officially commit to one of these three domains.


Each PhD student must complete a core curriculum of doctoral seminars. In addition, students must take (at least) two additional courses within their track. The sequencing of core and specialized courses within each track is designed to most effectively and efficiently advance students’ research within that topic area.

The marketing doctoral seminars required of all students in all specializations are:

  • Research methods
  • Marketing strategy
  • Consumer behavior
  • Marketing models

Students will usually take these courses during their first or second year, depending on their track. In the interest of starting research early, students will focus on seminars most relevant for their track in the first year.

Students will take (at least) two specialized courses within the Department of Marketing or outside of it to satisfy their track coursework. The department offers specialized courses in service research, social psychology, and applied marketing models. Suitable courses available outside of the department focus on topics such as statistics, economics, psychology, and research methodology. The mix of courses required will vary by the student’s chosen specialization and research interests.

Students typically take three courses each semester during the first two or three years in the program. Students who hold a master’s degree receive credit entering the PhD program, reducing the amount of coursework they are required to take. This program is intended to be completed in five years.

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