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PhD Program Overview

The doctoral program is a full-time residential program for students whose career goals are full-time, tenure-track research and teaching positions at research-focused universities. As a PhD candidate, you will develop the capability to recognize marketing-related problems, frame these problems into research questions, and address them in a scholarly way.

During the program, you will review, analyze, conduct and publish research. A series of doctoral seminars and research methods courses, as well as participation in active research projects, will prepare you for your research. Additionally, you will develop and hone your teaching skills through assignments as a teaching assistant or instructor.

Although each PhD student must complete a core curriculum, you may tailor your coursework to help you achieve personal goals. If you have attained a bachelor’s degree, our program is designed to be completed in five years. If you already hold a master’s degree, our program is designed to be completed in four to five years.

The program begins with four core marketing seminars, developed specifically for doctoral students, and taken during the first year of study:

  • Marketing Research Design
  • Marketing Management
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Marketing Models

In addition to the courses above, students typically also take one more class each semester, for a total of three courses each semester. These courses are typically available outside of the business school, and focus on issues such as statistics, economics, and/or research methodology. Upon completion of the first year of coursework, you will turn in a research paper and also present this research to the faculty.

During the second year of study, the following marketing seminars are offered:

  • Services Science
  • New Product Development
  • Social Psychology with Business Applications

In addition to these seminars, students typically take several electives, for a total of three courses each semester, during their second year of study.

If you already hold a master’s degree, the two years of coursework model above is typically enough to advance to the dissertation. If, however, you are admitted to the program with only a bachelor’s degree, one more year of coursework is generally required, and you may tailor this coursework to your individual research interests.

Upon completion of the first two years, you will take a written comprehensive exam in your research domain of interest. The first part of the exam is typically a critique and extension of a recent journal article in your area of interest, and the second part typically involves the development of an original research idea.

During the last two years in the program, you will focus on your dissertation. The dissertation centers on the development and defense of independent research contributing to the advancement of marketing knowledge.

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