Department of Marketing - Marketing PhD Placement Data

Marketing PhD Placement Data

The PhD program is for those students who want to become full-time professors at research-oriented universities. It is not intended for people who want to work in industry positions.

Our program has resulted in excellent placement of our students at leading research institutions across the US and worldwide, including university tenure-track appointments for several recent graduates:

  • Iana Castro, San Diego State University, 2011
  • James Loveland, HEC-Montreal, 2011
  • Katherine Loveland, HEC-Montreal, 2011
  • Nancy Sirianni, Texas Christian University, 2011
  • Christine Ringler, Rutgers, 2012
  • Jim Salas, Pepperdine University, 2013
  • Helen Wang, University of Hong Kong, 2013
  • Daniele Mathras, Northeastern University, 2015
  • Chadwick Miller, Washington State University, 2015
  • Elise Riker, University of Arkansas, 2015