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Internship opportunities

The W. P. Carey School of Business encourages undergraduate students to pursue one or more internships during their time at Arizona State University. In addition to the major-specific opportunities below, explore additional information about internships and career development at W. P. Carey.

Management internships

Undergraduate management internships provide an opportunity for outstanding students to gain on-the-job experience by working on a project with an organization for which they have no previous employment experience. Internship projects should be related to the student's academic preparation, must be approved by the faculty internship coordinator, and should improve employment opportunities for students who participate.

Organizations sponsoring internships benefit from an opportunity to evaluate potential employees on the job prior to making a long-term commitment while establishing a relationship with the Department of Management and Entrepreneurship and the W. P. Carey School of Business. Explore requirements for management internships.

Entrepreneurship internships

Entrepreneurship internships provide a very specific experience for students interested in entrepreneurial paths after college — an opportunity to apply entrepreneurship and business concepts to new startups/young firms for which they can make a significant impact. Students selected for entrepreneurship internships will have the chance to see the many difficult issues entrepreneurs face, and spend time critically assessing what move should be made next. Some entrepreneurship internships may result in the opportunity to develop a startup after the period of an internship (only where specifically noted during an interview).

An entrepreneurship internships is one of the best ways to be immersed in the true entrepreneurship and startup environment prior to graduation — explore program requirements.

Human resources internships

Students selected for a human resources internship will have the opportunity to perform tasks and complete assignments in the field of human resource management — applying the skills and knowledge acquired in their human resource coursework to real-world situations. Tasks performed in an internship are similar to those performed in an entry-level HR position that students could pursue after graduation.

A human resources internship is one of the best ways to explore possible future career choices in the HR field and to expand one’s professional network — explore program requirements.