Management Department Behavioral Lab

The Management and Entrepreneurship Department maintains a behavioral lab and subject pool for use by faculty in their research. Arizona State University pursues research that contributes to the public good, which includes gaining an understanding of how managers can better plan, organize, lead and control organizations. This lab is used to study both individual and team research which includes gaining an understanding of how managers can better lead employees, teams and organizations.

Students enrolled in MGT 300 may fulfill their course research requirement by enrolling and participating in studies conducted in the behavioral lab. *The MGT 300 research requirement is independent of any research requirements for other classes.

The MGT lab is located in BAC 328D. MGT 300 students can visit the website below to create an account, enroll in studies, and track their participation. Please see your course syllabus or Canvas site for additional information.

Management Department Research Participation Website

Guidelines for Participants:

  1. Arrive at your study at the scheduled day and time. Due to time constraints, studies must start promptly on time. If you are late you may have to wait until the next study, or re-enroll on a different day.

  2. Bring your 5-digit participant ID assigned by the research participation website (NOT your ASUrite or ASU ID) to the study – you will need to provide it to the experimenter to receive credit.

  3. If you have any questions about the requirement or your participation, please email the behavioral lab at DO NOT contact your MGT 300 instructor: he/she does not have any information about the lab or the research requirement.