PhD program

The Department of Management and Entrepreneurship offers students the opportunity to obtain a PhD in business administration with a concentration in management. Although management is a broad field, our doctoral program is best suited for students interested in specializing in organizational behavior, and/or strategic management — refer to the PhD manual for specific information about all aspects of the program.


The mission of the PhD program is to develop and prepare scholars to assume the diverse responsibilities of positions at leading research universities. The program places primary emphasis on the development of research competence and also emphasizes teaching as a vehicle to academic professionalism. As such, the Department of Management and Entrepreneurship is unable to fully serve the interests of students who do not intend to pursue research careers in the academic community.

Research focus

Doctoral students in our program are encouraged to design an individually meaningful course of study within the larger context of our field. Opportunities for doing this are available through coursework, research with faculty members, and independent research and study. PhD students select a series of modules in organizational behavior, organizational theory, and strategic management — learn more about PhD academics and specializations.

Full-time commitment

We require our PhD students to commit full-time attention to our program at least until they have passed the comprehensive exam and successfully defended the dissertation proposal. Full-time enrollment in the doctoral program is necessary to develop the skills and values for effective scholarship. Consult the PhD manual for additional details regarding full-time enrollment and related requirements.

Faculty collaboration and mentorship

Our program is relatively small, with an emphasis on high quality, which allows faculty members to effectively mentor and provide a great deal of individual attention to each of our students. Students develop additional focus and expertise through collaboration on major papers with individual faculty members. Doctoral students typically have one or more publications prior to graduation.

Doctoral students generally learn research and teaching skills best by serving as apprentices to experienced scholars. Thus, an integral part of doctoral education is employment as a graduate assistant. Students work closely with faculty members both independently and as a part of their assistantship. Refer to page 8 of the PhD manual for additional information regarding graduate assistantships.

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