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Hear about the entrepreneurship degree and why it could be a good fit for you — in the words of W. P. Carey students, alumni, and faculty.

Undergraduate programs

Led by thought leaders with years of experience, the W. P. Carey Department of Management and Entrepreneurship is highly regarded for providing students from W. P. Carey and across ASU with the tools needed to excel and lead in the modern business world. Explore additional information for future undergraduate students:

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Bachelor's degrees


The business degree in management develops team-skilled, collaborative leaders with the ability to think strategically, solve people and process problems, and communicate in a project-oriented, digital environment. Our graduates are prepared for leading change in a world characterized by speed, increasing demands for enhancing the value chain through continuous process improvements, growing technological sophistication, and racial, cultural, and gender diversity in the workforce.

Business entrepreneurship

Learn to start your own business and create your own dream, while creating jobs and services in the community. The W. P. Carey business entrepreneurship degree prepares students to identify, evaluate, and develop entrepreneurial opportunities, whether in existing companies or in new business ventures. Entrepreneurship students also benefit from the W. P. Carey Center for Entrepreneurship and its connection with the entrepreneurial community.

Global leadership

Effective leadership is key to business success, especially for organizations with international reach and status. The 100% online business degree in global leadership from ASU’s W. P. Carey School of Business develops strategic thinkers with strong international business acumen and leadership skills. You’ll study international management and leadership, learn to lead on a global scale, and graduate with immediate relevance in the global business world.

Human resources

Human resource management is the business function concerned with attracting, developing, evolving, motivating, and retaining a firm’s employee talent — also referred to as human capital. The business degree in human resources delivers the requisite skills and knowledge to work in a variety of jobs involving employee recruitment, staffing, compensation and benefits, training and development, and employee relations.

Certificate programs

Entrepreneurship and innovation

The W. P. Carey certificate in entrepreneurship and innovation welcomes students to begin developing an entrepreneurial mindset, see what it takes to launch a successful business, and think creatively about ways to improve existing businesses and processes through innovation. This program is open to students across ASU, with the exception of those enrolled in the W. P. Carey business degree in business entrepreneurship, or technological entrepreneurship and management.

Small business and entrepreneurship

The certificate in small business and entrepreneurship invites current business students (other than those studying business entrepreneurship) to explore and learn to overcome challenges associated with launching your own business, as well as working in small businesses and startups.

Leadership in Business certificate

W. P. Carey students have a unique chance to learn leadership theory and put it to practice with the leadership in business certificate. Students will learn what leadership means, how it works, and why it changes through a combination of classroom and experiential learning. This certificate is open to current W. P. Carey business students.