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The mission of the Department of Management and Entrepreneurship PhD program is to develop scholars who are prepared to assume the diverse responsibilities of faculty positions at leading research universities. Therefore, we provide the necessary support to help our graduates find the best positions within academia, preferably at Research I universities.

The following list represents all Department of Management and Entrepreneurship PhD graduates over the years, with their current affiliation listed along with the year of graduation and title of their dissertation.

Alumni and current affiliation Dissertation
Matias Kalm
Tilburg University
Flying High: The Effect of Organizational Status on CEO Perquisites
Qi Zhu
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Comforted by Role Continuity or Refreshed by Role Variety? Employee Outcomes of Managing Side-hustle and Full-time Work Roles
Hudson Sessions
University of Oregon
Dissertation: CEO Power and Risk Taking – The Perspective of Employment Security
John R. Busenbark
University of Georgia
Give It To Me Straight: How, When, and Why Managers Disclose Inside Information About Seasoned Equity Offerings
Amy Bartels
University of Nebraska - Lincoln
The People’s Choice: Exploring the Role of Collective Endorsement in Dynamic Leadership Relationships, 2018
Daniel Newton
University of Missouri
Expanding our Understanding of Constructive Voice: Accounting for Voice Function and Scope
Rachel Balven
Arizona State University
When people at work go astray, what to say and when to say it: A typology and test of the effect of moral feedback on unethical behavior, February 2018
Jisun Kim
University of Mississippi
A Multi-step Model of Boundary Spanning and Absorptive Capacity: The Differential Impact of Board and Top Management Team Experience on the Development of Sustainability-related Capabilities
Melissa Chamberlin
Iowa State University
Exploring Supervisor Responses to Employees Who Share Bad News: Why and Under What Conditions are Messengers Shot?
Beth Schinoff
Boston College
Can We Be Coworkers and Friends? An Inductive Study of the Experience and Management of Virutal Coworker Freindships
Danni Wang
Rutgers University
The Buck Stops Where? Examining Leader and Follower Accountability in Teams, May 2016
He Gao
Michigan State University
Underlying Mechanism Behind Word Responses in Competitive Dynamics, May 2016
Hyun-Soo Woo
University of Mississippi
Intra-firm and Inter-firm Agglomeration: The Location Decisions of Multi-Unit Firms, May 2016
Jungmin Seo
California State University, Fullerton
The Effects of Relative Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) on Employees; Work Behaviors, May 2016
Chris Reina
Virginia Commonwealth University
Adapting Leader Behaviors to Achieve Follower Effectiveness: A Mindful Approach to Situational Leadership, May 2015
Brooke Buckman
Florida International University
Employee Authenticity's Influence on Engagement, Coworker Interactions, and Perceived Effectiveness, August 2014
Amanda Lynn Christensen
University of Cincinnati
Feedback, Affect, and Creative Behavior: A Multi-level Model Linking Feedback to Performance, May 2014
Han Jiang
University of Arizona
When, How, And So What: Three Essays On Managerial Practices Of Personal Tie Utilization In Organizations, August 2014
Peter Jennings
Santa Clara University
The Character to Lead: A Grounded Theory Ethnography of Character in U.S. Army Combat Leaders, May 2013
Yiwen Zhang
University of Hong Kong
Leaders' Daily Work Demands, Recovery, and Leadership Behaviors, May 2013
Chad Hartnell
Georgia State University
Leadership and Organizational Culture: An Integrative View of Leaders as Culture Creators and Culture as Social Context, May 2012
Kristie Rogers
Marquette University
Seeing Past the Orange: An Inductive Investigation of Organizational Respect in a Prison Context, May 2012
Michael Withers
Texas A&M University
Director Mobility: The Role of Human and Social Capital in Board Appointments, May 2011
Amy Yi Ou
National University of Singapore
CEO Humility and its Relationship with Middle Manager Behaviors and Performance: Examining the CEO-Middle Manager Interface, May 2011
Benjamin M. Galvin
Brigham Young University
Antecedents and Outcomes of Leader Role Identification, May 2010
Atira Charles
Florida A&M University
An Examination of the Feedback Seeking Behaviors of Black and Hispanic Employees May 2009
Spencer Harrison
Curiosity in Organizations May 2009
Kathryn Jacobson
University of New Mexico
Contextual and Individual Predictors of Counterproductive Work Behaviors May 2009
Carla D. Jones
Sam Houston State University
The Effects of CEO and Top Management Team Heterogeneity on Competitive Aggressiveness May 2009
Sushil Nifadkar
Georgia State University
Emotions and Newcomer Adjustment, May 2009
Heechun Kim
University of Cagary
Three essays on international diversification of firms in an emerging economy: Entry and exit decisions May 2008
Christine Shropshire
Arizona State University
Interlocking directors, interlocked firms and the diffusion of strategy May 2008
Aimee Ellis


The impact of corporate social responsibility on employee attitudes and behaviors August 2008
Robert White
Iowa State University
Toward a more robust theory of agency: Three corporate governance essays August 2008
Nathan Washburn
Utah State University
Firm Performance in Strategic Management Research, May 2007
Katalin Haynes
University of Delaware
Corporate Governance, Formal and Informal Institutions and Strategic Outcomes, August 2007
Seemantini Pathak
University of Missouri-St. Louis
Compensation Risk Borne by Chief Executive Officers After Refocusing: The Impact of Divestment Intensity, R&D Intensity, and Board Composition, December 2007
David Sluss
Georgia Tech
Generalizing Relational Identification To and From Organizational Identification, May 2006
Joshua (Bin) Wu
Efficacy perceptions in teams: Implications for leadership and team effectiveness, December 2006
Thomas Dalziel
University of Cincinnati
The Influence of Boards and Top Management Teams on Corporate Entrepreneurship, December 2005
Robert DelCampo
University of New Mexico
Influences on and determinants of psychological contract evaluation in Hispanic business professionals, May 2004
Steve Gove
University of Vermont
Dissertation: The effect of social identification on director involvement in governance roles, May 2004
David Sirmon
University of Washington
Dissertation: Relative resource weaknesses and strategy: Exploring the performance effects of resource portfolios, May 2004
Molly B. Pepper
Gonzaga University
Boundaryless mentors: Gender differences in the use of computer-mediated communication to receive mentoring, May 2004
Marinna Makri
University of Miami
A knowledge-based approach to predicting innovation outcomes of high-technology mergers and acquisitions, May 2003
Fran McKee-Ryan
University of Nevada
The Personal Meaning of Job Loss: Appraisal and Coping at the Facet Level, May 2002
Carlos Alsua
University of Arizona
Goals that empower: The impact of learning and performance orientation practices on psychological empowerment, December 2002
Scott Johnson
Externalization of employment in a service environment: the influence of identification, December 2002
Mel Fugate
The role of employability in how people cope with organizational change, December 2001
Glen Kreiner
Penn State University
On the edge of identity: boundary conflict and workplace fit, December 2001
Mindy West
Arizona State University
Employee turnover in Mexico: A cultural investigation of causes, May 2000
Thirumalai-T Selvarajan
California State University - East Bay
Ethical performance appraisal: the influence of schematic, attributional and affective processes, December 2000
Debora Gilliard
Metropolitan State University of Denver
A structural equation approach to strategic groups, competitive strategies, and performance: a hospital analysis, May 1999
Vikas Anand
Walton College
Using an organizational memory framework to study the effect of organizational knowledge, August 1999
Paul Skilton
Washington State University
Participant Learning in Product and Process Development Teams, 1999
James Carey Factors affecting the influence of liking on observation and evaluation accuracy in performance appraisal, May 1997
Kimberly Wade The effect of schema consistency and purpose of appraisal on rater accuracy and search behaviors, May 1996
Samuel DeMarie
Iowa State University
Strategic issue interpretation and organizational action: an investigation of organizations downsizing, August 1995
Sanjay Goel
University of Minnesota
The Role of Managerial Risk Propensities and Corporate Governance Structure on firm Strategic Performance, December 1995
Loren Gustafson
The structure and content of organizational identity in hypercompetitive environments, December 1995
Janice Miller Executive pay and corporate performance: a behavioral approach, December 1995
Timothy Palmer
Western Michigan University
Determinants of managerial and organizational risk: a causal model, May 1994
John Millikin The Role of Self-Leadership in Empowered Work Teams, May 1994
Fanny Caranikas-Walker Liking and Performance Appraisal: The Explanatory Value of Schemas and Attributions, December 1994
Joseph Anderson
Northern Arizona University
The role of outplacement service participation in job search outcomes among white-collar unemployed, May 1993
Patricia Corner
Auckland University
Related acquisition choice quality: an interpretive process explanation, May 1993
Chris Neck
Arizona State University
Thought self-leadership: the impact of mental strategies training on employee cognitions, behaviors, and emotions, May 1993
Cynthia Sutton
Metropolitan State College of Denver
Scripts and prototypes: the affects of processing modes on types of performance ratings, August 1993
Greg Stewart
University of Iowa
Self-regulation and the "Big Five" personality traits as determinants of employee empowerment behavior, August 1993
Gregory Prussia
Seattle University
A motivational investigation of group effectiveness using social cognitive theory, December 1993
Charles Tustin
Fort Lewis College (Emeritus)
The operationalization of service quality using dimensions and expectation/perception gap analysis, August 1992
Chris Lockwood
Northern Arizona University (Emeritus)
Strategic control and cross-level intended strategies: A human resource function investigation, August 1991
Christine Scheck Individual Reaction to Work and Nonwork Stressors: A process Model of Stress, 1988
Lynne McClure
Leaders' responses as functions of reciprocal determinism: A comparison between male and female leaders, December 1985