Master's degree programs

The Department of Information Systems is invested in providing quality graduate education. Whether you are a recent graduate or an experienced professional, our master’s degree programs will build your expertise and help you accelerate your career.

Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence in Business (MS-AIB)

Welcoming students for the first time in fall 2024, the MS-AIB degree teaches students to leverage AI mindfully in organizations — as well as enhance operations and customer experiences with technology — while preparing to drive intentional change across industries.

Master of Science in Business Analytics (MS-BA)

Delivered in partnership with the Department of Supply Chain Management, the W. P. Carey MS-BA will hone both your quantitative and analytical skills, teaching you to derive value from data and create business value across sectors and industries. Offered both full-time and 100% online, the MS-BA program will unleash your inner data scientist.

All MS-BA students are required to complete a 15-week industry-sponsored applied project, starting in January. No sponsorship fee is required. Learn more about the applied project and how MS-BA students and the W. P. Carey School can help you gain new analytical insights and maintain your competitive advantage.

MS-BA applied project

Master of Science in Information Systems Management (MS-ISM)

The W. P. Carey MS-ISM delivers cutting-edge information management curriculum, helping you develop critical leadership skills. Through the latest techniques and methodologies, hands-on experience, and relevant case studies, you’ll discover how digital innovations, data analytics, and information systems are transforming business.

The W. P. Carey MBA

With concentrations in business analytics and information management, the W. P. Carey Full-time MBA provides greater depth of focus to emerging IT management issues.