Application materials

Submit all the admissions materials to the ASU Graduate College and complete the online application, which should take about 30 minutes.

To complete your application, collect all admissions materials, including your letters of recommendation, personal statement, transcripts, and applicable work experience.

Test requirements

GMAT scores are preferred, although the GRE is accepted. Use the following W. P. Carey institutional codes:

  • GMAT: 0GZ-1R-18
  • GRE: 4007


Mail all official university transcripts to the ASU Graduate College, or request that your original institution submit them directly. A Document Reference Number can be included on each transcript for authentication purposes. For international transcripts, review ASU Graduate College guidelines.

Application fee

Applications will not be processed until the fee is received and fees are non-refundable.

Letters of recommendation

Select a minimum of three individuals who can speak to your personal qualities, career focus and potential for success in the PhD program. One letter should be from your current employer or faculty advisor, with the remainder from individuals who can best evaluate your potential for graduate-level business study. These typically are faculty or other professional associates. Letters of recommendation will be uploaded into the application system by your recommender. You will provide contact details for each individual and they will receive an email after you submit your application and pay the application fee.

International students

The ASU Graduate College provides student visa documentation three to five months prior to the term of enrollment. A financial guarantee form and an enrollment deposit must be submitted before visa documents can be processed. You may also be required to submit evidence of English proficiency.

Personal statement

You should prepare your personal statement in advance to be uploaded into the online application. Submission of the personal statement allows you an opportunity to highlight the qualities and experiences that distinguish you as a prospective W. P. Carey doctoral student. Applicants are requested to provide information pertaining to the following areas as part of their statement:

  • Your personal background, including formative events and circumstances such as extracurricular activities, honors, achievements and community activities
  • Education details, including undergraduate and graduate strengths and weaknesses
  • Qualifications and reasons for interest in the W. P. Carey PhD in Business Administration with a concentration in information systems
  • How obtaining a PhD will help you achieve your personal career goals and objectives
  • Work experience, including credentials you have from your hands-on and professional experiences
  • Other personal attributes and qualities

The statement should be no more than two to four pages long. In review of your personal statement, the admissions committee will seek evidence of your maturity, leadership, strength of purpose, academic potential and ability to communicate clearly and professionally.


  • Competency in mathematics
  • Strong quantitative ability
  • Competency in the use of computer technology for analytical purposes
  • An undergraduate degree in a related field from an accredited university
  • Master’s degree or MBA is recommended (30 credits may count towards the minimum total of 84 hours of coursework in our doctoral program)
  • GMAT or GRE score