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Learn more about bachelor's degrees in computer information systems or business data analytics, and find out what life is like at W. P. Carey.

Business Data Analytics — Bachelor's Degree Program (BS)

Learn to effectively leverage business data analytics, creating a competitive advantage for organizations of all sizes and in any industry. The business data analytics degree program gives you the requisite knowledge to create and manage Big Data initiatives and associated business processes, facilitating large-scale business data analytics solutions for organizations of all sizes and in any industry.

Covering everything from data warehousing and dimensional modeling to visualization tools and data mining techniques, you’ll have a firm grasp of all things business data analytics, the skills you need to succeed in any career you pursue, and direct access to more opportunities than you can imagine.

Computer Information Systems — Bachelor's Degree Program (BS)

Learn about the exciting and innovative ways that information technology is used to help organizations succeed. The degree in computer information systems teaches you to design, build, and maintain information systems that support business operations and managerial decision-making. Known for quality, our graduates continue to be recruited by leading organizations worldwide.

Covering everything from data management for decision-making and project management, to solution development for value creation and business intelligence for competitive advantage, the computer information systems program connects you with the skills you need to secure a job and excel on arrival.

Certificate in Applied Business Data Analytics

Maximize your marketability by adding applied business data analytics to your intellectual toolkit. The certificate in applied business data analytics covers computer-based tools used to derive value from data, as well as concepts like predictive analytics, data visualization, data mining, and more. Gain an immediate competitive advantage in the job market by developing a robust portfolio of skills and an in-demand knowledgebase that both complements and supplements your bachelor’s program.

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