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Student and professional organizations provide ongoing opportunities to network, engage, and collaborate with real-world experts in the field, as well as other students in closely related degree programs. Get involved as soon as you arrive on campus and begin realizing your aspirations for the future.

Department of Information Systems Club (DISC)

The W. P. Carey Department of Information Systems Club (DISC) is a dynamic organization for motivated professionals in training. Primarily pursuing computer information systems and business data analytics degrees, DISC members are fluent in information technology, analytics, and business.

Classroom work familiarizes you with a wide variety of practices and concepts, which DISC helps put into action in each of its priority areas: Career development, leadership, collaboration, and community involvement. Connecting you with experienced industry professionals, DISC delivers valuable insights from and exposure to the field.

Professional opportunities

As an information systems student, you can engage with influential professional organizations, including:

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