AI and Data Analytics (AIDA) Initiative

Achieving Impact and Sustainability with AI and Data Analytics in Innovative and Scientific way

The AIDA initiative helps support ASU Charter, WPC vision and missions by:

  • Addressing the talent needs of AI/DA knowledge and capabilities
  • Partnering with industry partners to provide training/education opportunities for Students to apply and enhance their AI/DA capabilities on real world problems and data
  • Supporting Faculty and PhD Students research to help address real world business and societal problems of significant and impact through
    • □ Proposals to funding agencies
    • □ Connecting with industry partners
    • □ Sponsorships by industry partners
  • Identifying societal needs or problems of significant and impact related to the use of AI/DA and other technologies
    • □ Use of AI/DA can lead to new problems (e.g. digital divide, inequality, algorithmic biases, privacy, security, discrimination)
      • ■ AI/DA can also help address many of the problems

Business Knowledge

AIDA Initiative brings together business knowledge and AI/DA Capabilities

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