W. P. Carey School of Business awards and honors

Achieving greatness in business requires strong experience, commitment, and perseverance. The W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University strives to instill these qualities in our community members, cultivating leaders who rethink the nature of business, engage the world, and build a better future. We take great pride in recognizing our students, faculty, and alumni who positively impact other Sun Devils and the broader business landscape.

We showcase our commitment to fostering excellence in the achievement awards we present to our students, faculty, alumni, and the global business community. Explore more W. P. Carey awards and honors through W. P. Carey News and W. P. Carey magazine.

Student awards

W. P. Carey’s student awards celebrate the hard work and dedication of our outstanding undergraduate and graduate students to their academic and extracurricular pursuits. These academic awards also honor student leadership skills and service to the business community. They are a testament to the commitment and perseverance of our students in pursuing their goals and aspirations, encouraging them and others to continue striving for excellence in all they do.

Turken Family Outstanding Graduating Senior Award

Recipients of the Turken Family Outstanding Graduating Senior Award are well-rounded students who display strong academic achievement and exemplary qualities of leadership and service. In 2000, the Sam and Ida Turken Charitable Foundation established an endowment to fund this award.

Outstanding Graduate Student

Each semester, the W. P. Carey School of Business recognizes one Outstanding Graduate Student, selected from a pool of nominated students, all of whom are highly qualified for the honor. These graduates exemplify the school's mission, vision, and values.

W. P. Carey Dean’s Medalist

In 2023, the W. P. Carey School of Business inaugurated the Dean's Medalist designation to recognize the best of the best business students. Each semester, the top student from every undergraduate and graduate business degree program will receive a Dean's Medalist designation with either a Gold or Silver distinction. These student recognition awards acknowledge their academic effort and skills, from quantitative to communication to leadership abilities.

Faculty awards

W. P. Carey presents awards to honor top faculty members who demonstrate excellence and passion in teaching, research, and editing prestigious academic journals. Those whose exceptional teaching and research contributions align with W. P. Carey’s strategic planning initiatives of active engagement in the classroom and conducting groundbreaking research for a better future receive recognition.

As part of the strategic plan, W. P. Carey aims to be Where Business is Personal. Award recipients exemplify this mission by combining innovative approaches to business education with personalized student mentorship throughout their academic journeys and professional beginnings. They create a positive learning environment that remains relevant as the broader business landscape evolves.

W. P. Carey Dean’s Council Distinguished Scholar Award

The Dean’s Council is a national collective of prominent business executives who advise the dean and help shape W. P. Carey’s future. These Dean’s Council members support our business faculty members through the Distinguished Scholars program with annual membership contributions. Every year, a Dean’s Council Distinguished Scholar Award goes to faculty members who have demonstrated high levels of distinction in scholarship, both in research productivity and teaching excellence, throughout their careers.

Alumni awards

W. P. Carey celebrates notable alumni with awards honoring their accomplishments in establishing or growing consistently successful companies that have longevity. They have made innovative contributions to diverse fields and produced influential philosophies or best practices that earned them industry recognition. These alumni awards are a testament to our commitment to fostering excellence and leadership skills in our students, motivating them to bring about positive change in the world after graduation.

In addition to their exemplary professional achievements, alumni award recipients remain actively involved in the W. P. Carey community by investing their time and resources and upholding the values they learned as students. When our graduates succeed in business, they help further enhance the reputation and legacy of W. P. Carey, inspiring our current and prospective students.

Alumni Hall of Fame

Established in 1977, the W. P. Carey Alumni Hall of Fame recognizes alumni who have demonstrated leadership and achievement in their fields and in the community.

Sun Devil 100

Sun Devil 100 celebrates the achievements of Sun Devil-owned and Sun Devil-led businesses across the globe. Continuing an incredible legacy of entrepreneurship and leadership, many of the alumni selected for this honor are W. P. Carey graduates.

Community awards

W. P. Carey honors successful leaders in business for their remarkable local, national, and international accomplishments and deep understanding of market drivers. By demonstrating excellence in academia, public service, or industry, they make valuable contributions to improving the world.

These trailblazers hail from various industries and are known for creating a great company culture, pioneering a transformational leadership model, and producing insightful thought leadership content. Even during challenging times, they lead with integrity and inspire their academic peers, employees, communities, and customers.

Executive of the Year

Each year the W. P. Carey School Dean's Council honors a business leader whose contribution is recognized as significant, whose inspired management has created and sustained superior organizational performance, and whose presence exemplifies a model for future business leaders. Executive of the Year recipients are pioneers in the home computing, telecommunications, automotive, Internet, solar energy, aviation, and retail industries.

Lawrence R. Klein Award for Blue Chip Forecast Accuracy

An annual honor for economic forecasting accuracy, the W. P. Carey School of Business presents the Lawrence R. Klein Award in association with the nationally recognized Blue Chip Economic Indicators newsletter.