Advisory boards

More than 500 corporate representatives serve on 12+ advisory boards at ASU's W. P. Carey School of Business. Their involvement makes a difference on campus and beyond. Learn more about corporate partnerships at W. P. Carey.

The School of Accountancy Professional Advisory Board is comprised of a cross-section of leaders of the profession who represent public accounting, government and industry. The board provides advice on curriculum development and school policy related to recruiting and student placement.

Composed of eminent leaders from a variety of sectors from across the globe, the Asia Advisory Board provides the school leadership team and faculty with advice and guidance as we transform the world through access, excellence, and innovation in business knowledge.

CAPS Research is the premier nonprofit global research organization dedicated to supply and supply chain issues. Since 1986, the center has been providing thorough, practical research for our strategic-minded corporate sponsors and the public.

The CSL Advisory Board provides valuable insights into the challenges that firms face in the services arena. Member firms assist CSL on research and projects in a “real world” context that keeps the center’s message practical and vital.

The Dean's Council is a national group of prominent business executives invited to play a leadership role in shaping the future of the W. P. Carey School. Members advise the dean and act as W. P. Carey School advocates in their communities and organizations.

The Entrepreneurship Advisory Board assists the Center for Entrepreneurship with direction and guidance of initiatives large and small, from student funding competition and awards to student- and community-focused programming.

The Finance Advisory Board advises to the department on critical issues of placement, curriculum, training, and pragmatic research needs in formal meetings and through informal contacts. In addition, board members may be asked by faculty to be guest speakers in undergraduate and graduate classes. The board also provides base financial support to the department and aids in departmental fund-raising efforts designed to support program, faculty and student development.

The Executive Council and Executive Advisory Board are comprised of local, national and international professional business leaders, including chief information officers, vice presidents, partners and department and systems managers who are potential employers of our students. The main objective of the Council and advisory board is to provide advice on curriculum development focused on our undergraduate and graduate programs, along with general business advice.

The Supply Chain Executive Consortium was created in 2010 with the goal of becoming a unique and customer centric community of supply chain executives and extended leaders. SCEC interacts with top undergraduate and MBA supply chain students, collaborates with faculty about curriculum, and deepens relationships with supply chain management faculty and other industry leaders.

The Professional Sales Advisory Board at the W. P. Carey School of Business connects sales professionals to our top sales students, including our Sales Scholars and members of SPARK (Sales Professionals Attaining Remarkable Knowledge).

The Real Estate Advisory Board features a half-dozen of the top real estate developers and investment professionals in Arizona, providing high-level advice on the direction of the Master of Real Estate Development program.

With participation from over 30 major companies and distribution centers in the greater Phoenix area, the W. P. Carey Logistics Alliance connects students with opportunities for internships and full-time positions, as well as savvy logistics professionals with decades of real-world experience.