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Business moves us forward. It forges relationships, fosters communication, and develops talent that creates solutions. At ASU’s W. P. Carey School of Business, we empower solutions in the classroom, enhance connections in our community, and author groundbreaking research for academia and industry. We’re transforming the future of business.

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More than 16,000 students from over 100 countries call W. P. Carey home. And with more than 50 ways to earn a W. P. Carey degree, we’re preparing the leaders of tomorrow for wherever their career takes them. W. P. Carey School students come from all over the world and are prepared for careers with global impact — no matter which path they choose.

Fall 2020 enrollment
Undergraduate students 15,566
International undergraduates 1,878
MBA students 686
Specialized master’s program students 530
Doctoral students 123


In 2018, 84% of first-year W. P. Carey undergraduates returned for their second year at ASU. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the national average for public four-year-institutions is 81%. Upon graduation, our students join an alumni network of more than 100,000 W. P. Carey alumni taking their careers and their organizations to the next level.

Retention and graduation

2019-20 first-year student retention
Full-time first-year students entering cohort 2,911
Percent persisting within university after one year 81.6%

2019-20 graduate student retention
Full-time MBA students that re-enrolled within 12 months of first enrollment 97%

2020-21 degrees conferred
Bachelor of Arts 1,540
Bachelor of Science 2,053
Doctorate of Business Administration 28
Master of Accountancy 96
Master of Business Administration 419
Master of Science in Business Analytics 151
Master of Science in Economics 2
Master of Science in Finance 65
Master of Science in Global Logistics 47
Master of Science in Information Systems Management 56
Master of Real Estate Development 27
Master of Taxation 24
Online Master of Business Administration 158
Online Master of Science in Business Analytics 98
Total undergraduate degrees 3,593
Master of Science 419
Total master's degrees 985
Total doctorate degrees 50
Total degrees conferred 4,628


W. P. Carey undergraduate students are highly sought after by regional, national and international corporations. Because of the caliber of the students, hundreds of companies recruit our students annually for internships and full-time positions. The vibrant Phoenix economy is itself yet another advantage, offering students more internships and part-time and/or pre-professional jobs than other locations. Many students are already employed in the jobs they plan to keep, even before they graduate.

Undergraduate class of 2020
Average starting salary $55,000

Because of their diverse backgrounds, experiences, and achievements — as well as the toolkit they build through the innovative, real-world W. P. Carey curriculum — our MBA and specialized master’s students bring a wealth of skills to any team within any organization. Their foundational knowledge, flexibility, leadership development, and drive help deliver one of the highest employment rates for new graduates among U.S. business schools.

Master's degree employment data
Full-time MBA class of 2020  
Employed at graduation 73%
Employed 90 days after graduation 92%
Mean salary $134,955
Master of Accountancy class of 2020  
Employed 6 months after graduation 92%
Mean salary $54,067
Master of Science in Business Analytics class of 2020  
Employed 6 months after graduation 92%
Mean salary $75,214
Master of Taxation class of 2020  
Employed 6 months after graduation 100%
Mean salary $57,792
Master of Real Estate Development class of 2020  
Employed 6 months after graduation 81%
Mean salary $68,300
*Employment reflects graduation dates from December 2018 - May 2019.


With connections to proud alumni and partnerships with institutions and organizations in countries on six continents, the impact of W. P. Carey extends into every corner of the world. Our graduates maintain thriving alumni chapters in 43 U.S. cities and 39 countries around the globe. World-renowned faculty representing six continents conduct a broad array of research addressing global business challenges. They bring unique perspectives and industry experience to 10 highly regarded research centers and countless class sessions, setting the stage for where business goes next.

2020-21 W. P. Carey community
Alumni 118,033
Full-time faculty 238
Total faculty 288
Staff 314