Sun Devil 100 Winner Awards

Sun Devil 100

Sun Devil 100 celebrates the achievements of Sun Devil-owned and Sun Devil-led businesses across the globe. Continuing an incredible legacy of entrepreneurship and leadership, many of the alumni selected for this honor are W. P. Carey graduates. Learn about this event and how to submit nominations.

All-time W. P. Carey honorees

Join us in congratulating our past and current alumni winners, including a number of repeat Sun Devil 100 honorees* — we can’t wait to see what they do next!

(MBA '08) Ryan Abbott*
Senior Vice President, Sundt Construction Inc.

(BS Finance ’88) David Anderson
Co-founder and CEO, Off Madison Ave

Robyn Barrett* (BS Accountancy ’88)
Managing Member, and Founder, Factors Southwest (FSW Funding)

Jonathan Beekman (BS Economics/Finance ’02)
Founder and CEO, Man Crates

Weston Bergmann (BS Marketing ’08)
CEO and Founder, Betablox

Greg Bernstein* (BS Marketing '06, MBA '09)
Executive VP of Business Excellence, Opteon

Errol Berry* (BS Supply Chain Management '02)
CEO, Print.Save.Repeat.

Jesse Berry (BS Computer Information Systems ’07)
CIO, Print.Save.Repeat.

Paul Binsfield* (BS Finance ’87)
President, Owner, and Founder, Company Nurse

Susan Bitter Smith* (BS Business Administration '77, MBA '82)
President, Technical Solutions

Aaron Blau* (BS Management ’01)
President, The Blau Co. Ltd.

Rick Bowers* (BS Marketing ’92)
President, TTI Success Insights

Leroy Breinholt (BS Finance ’86)
President and Designated Broker, J & J Commercial Properties Inc.

Patricia Lane Briones* (BS Finance '88)
Partner, Petti and Briones PLLC

Janie Brooks Heuck* (BS Accountancy '89)
President and CEO, Brooks Wine

Bob Brown* (BS Finance '84)
Owner, Arizona Foundation Solutions

Bryan Bunker (BS Accountancy/Computer Information Systems ’00)
COO, The Menlo Group Commercial Real Estate

(BS Quantitative Business Analysis ’84) Stephen E. Capobres*
Vice President, Catholic Charities Community Services

(BS Finance/Computer Information Systems ’00) Michael Cocanower
Founder and President, itSynergy

(BS Business Administration ’05) Joshua Cohen*
Co-founder, PC Sportscards

(BS Marketing '14) Bob Collopy*
Associate Broker and Owner, Fort Lowell Realty and Property Management Inc.

(MBA ’85) Thomas Connelly
President and Chief Investment Officer, Versant Capital Management Inc.

(MBA ’08) Brian Connolly
Founder and Managing Principal, Victus Advisors

(BA Business Communication ’10) Erik Coover
Co-owner and Senior Vice President Global Field Development, Isagenix International

(MBA '92) R. Craig Coppola*
Founding Principal, Lee & Associates

(BS Management ’96, MBA ’01) Roger Coventry
Managing Member and Director, Childers & Coventry

(BS Business Administration ’87) Kathleen Culver
Secretary and Treasurer, Culver Equipment

(BS Marketing '75) Dennis R. Currens
Vice President of Sales National Grocery U.S., Weston Foods

David DeLorenzo (BS Marketing ’81)
President and COO, Vetscience/Fruitables Pet Food

Melissa Diaz (MACC ’10)
Partner and CFO, High Rock Accounting

Chip Dircks* (BS Management ’80)
and Co-founder, Dircks Moving & Logistics

Rick Dircks* (BS Marketing '82)
Executive Vice President and Co-founder, Dircks Moving & Logistics

Margaret Dunn (MBA ’12)
Founder and President, Dunn Transportation

(BS Management ’94) Camille French*
Founder and CEO, AmeriSource HR Consulting Group

(MBA ’15) John Engelstad
President and CEO, Western Window Systems

Tom Feeley (BS Marketing ’92)
Vice President Global Sales, MDSL

Mark Feldman (BS Accountancy ’84)
Managing Partner and CEO, MRA Associates

Michael A. Focaretto III (BS Computer Information Systems ’98, MS-IM ’09)
Founder and CEO, Veteran Tickets Foundation (Vet Tix)

David Freedman* (BS Real Estate ’05)
Founder, Freestar

Erin Fujimoto (BS Finance ’03)
Co-founder and Head of Merchandising, Tommy John

(MBA '01) Uday Gandhe*
Principal, Wilson Engineers

(BS Marketing ’04, MBA ’15) Scott Gates*
President and COO, Western Window Systems

(BS Marketing/Supply Chain Management ’05) David Glanzrock*
Vice President, Fidelity National Financial

(BS Marketing ’12) Cody Graham
President and Founder, Neon Logistics

(BS Management ’81) John Gray
Owner, Five G Inc.

(BS Finance/Marketing ’97) Michael Grosso
Shareholder and Advisor, TCI Wealth Advisors Inc.

(BS Marketing ’06) Candie Guay
Owner and Creative Director, Envida

(BS Accountancy '88) Trish Gulbranson*
President and CEO, Derma Health

Samantha Hagan* (BS Accountancy ’93)
Partner, Christophel & Hagan Ltd.

Tim Haitaian (BS Finance/Accountancy ’10)
Co-founder and CFO, RedShelf

Carrie Hall* (BS Computer Information Systems ’15)
COO, Buyback Boss

Jamie Hancock (BS Accountancy ’99)
Vice President of Finance, Trestle Management Group

Adam Harrington (BS Finance ’00)
Safety Director and CFO, HB Construction

Dallin Harris (BS Management ’09)
Founder and CEO, Skyhook

Michael Hawksworth* (BS Computer Information Systems ’79)
Owner, MSS Business Transformation Advisory

Frank Healy* (BS Management '01)
President and CEO, Higher Ed Growth

Brett Helgeson* (MBA '02)
President and CEO, Adopt Technologies

Daniel Henderson (BS Marketing ’05, MBA ’10)
Founder and CEO, Relumination

Carson Holmquist (BS Management ’08)
Co-founder and CEO, Stream Logistics

Rodney Peter Hu (BS Finance ’96)
Owner and CEO, Yucca Tap Room

Jody James Watkins* (BS Operations/Production Management ’91)
Co-founder and CEO, Watkins Landmark Construction

(BS Management '99) Rami Kalla*
Owner and Founder, Point in Time Studios

(BS Finance/Marketing ’03, MRED ’09) Scott Kaufmann
President, Lucid Agency

(BS Computer Information Systems ’08) Matthew Kayne*
Owner and CEO, Majestic Water Spouts

(BS Finance ’03) Chris Ko*
Co-founder and CEO, ER2

(BS Marketing ’94) Jason Kyle*
Co-owner, Press Coffee

Charles Layne* (BS Marketing '98)
CEO, PatientNow

Brian Lee* (BS Accountancy ’07)
CEO, Landings Credit Union

Steve Luhrs* (BS Agribusiness ’97)
CEO, ArmsReach Industries

Michael Ly* (BS Business Administration ’03)
CEO, Reconciled

(MBA ’95) Steve Macias
Co-founder, Pivot Manufacturing

(MBA ’05) AJ Maestas
Founder, Navigate

(BS Economics/Finance ’02) Takis Makridis
CEO, Equity Methods

(MS-IM ’10) Liz Mason*
CEO, High Rock Accounting

(BS Management ’95) Aaron Matos*
Founder and CEO, Paradox Inc.

(BS Agribusiness '92) Eric Maul
CEO, Maul Paving Inc.

(MBA '06) Joel McFadden*
COO, Fan Interactive Marketing

(BS Marketing ’10) Klint McInturff
Vice President of Marketing, Print.Save.Repeat.

(MBA '03) Kevin McKellar*
Co-owner and CFO, Bottega Louie

(BS Finance ’85) Greg McMillan*
Founder and President, DGM Ventures Inc.
Owner and Founder, Pet Supplies Plus

(BS Purchasing/Logistics Management ’94, MBA ’04) Jasen Meece
CEO, Cloudentity

(BS Finance '09) Matthew Michalowski*
President and Owner, PXL

(MBA '07) Tanner Milne*
President, The Menlo Group

(BS Economics ’08) Audrey Monell
President, Forrest Anderson Plumbing and Air Conditioning

(BS Purchasing/Logistics Management ’98) Domenick Montanile*
Owner, Venezia’s NY Style Pizzeria

(MBA ’07) Deirdre Morhet*
CEO, BASC Expertise of AZ

(BS Finance '72) Stan Morris
President, Peoples Mortgage Co.

(BS Business Administration ’81, MBA ’83) Bob Mulhern*
President and Senior Managing Director, Colliers Arizona

(MBA ’15) Paul S. Mulligan*
Catholic Charities Community Services

Jamie Neilon* (MBA '13)
Vice President of Information Technology, Innovative Driven

Tina Nunziato (BS Marketing ’96)
Co-owner and Co-founder, Dr. Liz Cruz Partners in Digestive Health

(BS Marketing ’10) Eric O’Connor
Co-founder, MPM Partners

(MBA ’94) Wayne Oleksak
VP Member Experience and Innovation, SwitchThink Solutions

(BS Marketing '97) Eric Olsen*
CEO, Fasturtle Technologies

Joe Pizzimenti (BS Marketing ’87)
Principal, Bigfish Creative Group

Nathan Policar* (BS Computer Information Systems '06, MBA '09)
President and Founder, StatBroadcast

Aaron Pool* (BS Management '09)
Founder, Gadzooks Enchiladas & Soup

April Prothero* (BS Finance ’06)
Founder and CEO, Going GreenHouse

Jeffrey Pruitt* (BS Accountancy '94)
Founder and CEO, Tallwave

Burt Rapoport (BS Business Administration ’72)
President, Rapoport’s Restaurant Group Inc.

Kyle Reardon* (BS Management/Finance '04, MBA '07)
Partner, Pilot Freight Services

Matt Reiner (BS Finance ’09)
Co-founder and CEO, Wela Strategies

Grant Rowe (MBA ’95)
Chairman and CEO, Valor Health

(BS Management ’13) Anthony Sarandrea
CEO, Pocket Your Dollars

(MBA '03) Cliff Schertz*
President, Founder, and CEO, Tiempo Development

(MBA ’04) Jen Scrivner*
COO, Goodmans Interior Structures

(BS Business Administration ’06) Gabriel Shahin*
CEO, Falcon Wealth Planning Inc.

(BS Real Estate ’75) Louis A. Silverman*
Owner, Silverman Law Offices

(BS Accountancy '97) Manpreet Singh*
Co-founder and President, Payscout Inc.

(BS Marketing '06, MBA '12) Prescott Smith*
Vice President, Technical Solutions

(BS Finance ’06) Cody Sperber
CEO, Clever Investor

(MRED ’11) Chris Stark
Co-founder, Freestar

(BS Marketing ’06) Rob Stratton*
Vice President, PatientNow

(BS Supply Chain Management '04, MBA '07) R. Vincent Switzer*
CEO, Seabay Building Group

Kimothy Taylor* (MBA '13)
CEO, Innovative Driven

Michelle Thompson* (BS Finance ’97)
Owner, Johnstone Supply

Justin Travillion* (BS Supply Chain Management ’09)
CFO, Lauren’s Institute for Education

Lisa VanBockern* (BS Accountancy/Computer Information Systems '98)
Owner and Founder, Skin Script

Christopher Van Egmond (BS Marketing ’11)
Marketing and Systems, Print.Save.Repeat.

Frederick M. Van Etten (BS Business Administration ’77)
President, Midland Equipment Finance

(BS Finance '89) Michael Warren*
President, Integrated Accounting Services

(BS Marketing '15) Jack Wight*
CEO, Buyback Boss

(BS Marketing ’85) Martin Wood*
President, Founder, and CEO, Delkin Devices Inc.

(BS Marketing ’07) Joanna Yergler*
Director of Tax, Shayne R. Neuwirth CPA

Aaron Zeper (BS Finance ’95)
Vice President, MDSL

Heather Zorge (BS Accountancy ’98)
CFO, Western Window Systems