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Management and Entrepreneurship

Department of Management and Entrepreneurship faculty are leading experts in organizational behavior, human resource management, international management, and strategic management. Faculty take great pride in their numerous local and international awards for research and teaching excellence.


Office: BA 323

Mailing Address:
Main Campus PO BOX 874006 Tempe, AZ 85287-4006

Phone: 480-965-3431

Fax: 480-965-8314


Mail Code:4006

Gary Naumann
Hahnco Professor of Entrepreneurship/Professor of Practice

Gary Naumann joined the Department of Management in 2007 to assist in the development, promotion, and teaching of entrepreneurship in the undergraduate and MBA programs.

BA 367N
Christopher Neck
Associate Professor

Chrisopher Neck has authored numerous books and publications in leading industry journals.

BA 367A
Rahul Poddar

Rahul Poddar teaches entrepreneurship and management courses at ASU. He has more than 19 years’ experience at Fortune 100 companies with high-tech businesses across the globe.

BA 367O
Faculty Associate
Department of Management and Entrepreneurship BA 323
Matthew Semadeni
Professor/Dean's Council Distinguished Scholar

Semadeni's research studies focus on competitive strategy, corporate strategy, knowledge, and top management teams.

BA 323H W.P. Carey School of Business
Wei Shen
Chair & Professor

Wei Shen is a professor of strategic management, and a noted researcher on topics including strategic leadership, corporate governance, organizational search, and research methodology.

BA 397E
Christine Shropshire
Associate Professor

Christine Shropshire's research is broadly in the area of corporate governance, including board composition and effectiveness, diversity in the upper echelons, and stakeholder management.

BA 367H
Kenneth Shropshire
Inst CEO & Professor

Shropshire is the first Adidas Distinguished Professor of Global Sport and the founding CEO of the Global Sport Institute.

Karen Stafford
Faculty Associate

Karen Stafford teaches Human Resources Management at ASU.

BAC 211


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Jeffery LePine
Professor/PetSmart Chair in Leadership

Jeff LePine's research centers on (1) teamwork and team effectiveness, (2) performance behaviors involving teamwork, citizenship, voice, and adaptability, (3) leadership, and (4) engagement and occupational stress.

BA 397B
Marcie LePine
Associate Professor

Marcie LePine is an Associate Professor of Management and Barrett Honors Faculty. Her research focuses on the negative and positive effects stress, leadership, and the work-nonwork interface and has appeared in the Academy of

BA 352D
Fei Li
PhD Student
R. Scott Livengood
Clinical Asst Professor

R. Scott Livengood's expertise areas include cognition, competition and entrepreneurship, ranging from sensemaking and competitive dynamics to optimism, microfinance, and business planning.

Carolyn Lofgren
PhD Student
MC : 4006 BA 397M
Margaret Luciano
Assistant Professor

Margaret Luciano's research interests include leading change, intergroup dynamics, teams, and systems, with a particular interest in healthcare settings.

BA 367B
Lisa Macafee
Faculty Associate

Lisa Macafee is a Faculty Associate and leads the Training and Organizational Development class. She has a passion for using a lot of the training methods she teaches about.

David McKinnon
Clinical Associate Professor

David Kim McKinnon's research interests include organizational change, management and leader effectiveness.

BA 323C
Luiz Mesquita
Associate Professor

Luiz Mequita's research interests are in the area of competitive and cooperative coordination among firms.

BA 352C
James Moore
Clinical Associate Professor

James Moore is a Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Management & Entrepreneurship within the W. P. Carey School of Business. He is also a Barrett Faculty Honors Advisor for the Department.

BA 323-O