Faculty - Research Centers

Research Centers

CABIT: Center for Advancing Business through Information Technology
Raghu Santanam, Director

CASEE: Center for the Advanced Study in Economic Efficiency
Edward C. Prescott, Director

Center for Competitiveness and Prosperity Research
Tom Rex, Associate Director

Center for Entrepreneurship
Sidnee Peck, Director

Center for Environmental Economics & Sustainability Policy
Michael Hanemann, Director

Center for Real Estate Theory and Practice
Michael Orr, Director

Center for Services Leadership
Mary Jo Bitner, Executive Director

CAPS Research
Thomas Choi, Executive Director
Deborah Stanton, Executive Managing Director

Center for the Study of Economic Liberty
Scott Beaulier, Executive Director

CaSN: Center for Supply Networks
Thomas Choi, Director

JPMorgan Chase Economic Outlook Center
Lee McPheters, Director

L. William Seidman Research Institute
Dennis Hoffman, Director