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Strategic plan initiatives

As part of the strategic planning process, leadership within and across W. P. Carey business units are addressing needs and developing priorities that align to the school’s overall strategic planning process. This work will help define key performance indicators for the school and provide a blueprint for the resources and collaboration needed to achieve our goals.

We will grow our reputation as an internationally recognized leader in the production and influence of research across academic disciplines. The impact of our knowledge creation will be a cornerstone in the classroom, the boardroom and the communities we serve.

  • Raise the research profile and reputation of W. P. Carey by attracting and retaining top faculty talent and providing incentives to be successful in knowledge creation
  • Create an ecosystem that encourages funded/impactful discovery and research

We will continue to build on the outstanding educational experience we provide to achieve world-class status and work to ensure student success. Outstanding faculty will be key.

  • Retain top faculty talent who excel in bringing world-class relevance and rigor to the classroom and increase student retention and success
  • Improve retention and completion rates in our undergraduate programs
  • Develop a plan to ensure teaching excellence at W. P. Carey and how technology should be utilized to ensure teaching excellence

To elevate the business school, we must continually evaluate academic programs based on market demand and the success of our students and alumni. We must also find new ways to meet learners where they are — and when they are ready to learn — by embracing new technologies and learning modalities.

  • Continue to grow our undergraduate programs both in-person and online: This includes increasing enrollment and retention numbers
  • Significantly grow our graduate programs in terms of size and quality
  • Use technology (online, hybrid, sync, other) to maintain the sustainability of our programs in terms of resources and reach a broader set of learners
  • Develop micro-credentialist programs — non-degree learning — that could become stackable toward a degree
  • Develop work+learn programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels
  • Increase enrollment in programs at the West and Polytechnic campuses (including the Morrison School of Agribusiness)
  • Develop programs for the ASU California Center

The W. P. Carey School is Where Business is Personal. Our commitment to personal and professional growth and building a dynamic workforce from recruitment to retention to retirement requires creating an environment that provides each employee unmatched opportunities for success.

  • Create a framework for developing career pathways for staff at W. P. Carey and ASU
  • Improve training for W. P. Carey staff at all levels to provide continued growth opportunities and promote a Business is Personal environment

The W. P. Carey School is committed to the communities we serve. We will deliver new programs and create collaborative partnerships to support workforce development, fulfill the need for recruitment of our students and alumni, and enhance economic development.

  • Develop executive education, continuing education, and lifelong learning at W. P. Carey
  • Develop a holistic approach to corporate engagement incorporating careers, executive education, work+learn, and corporate involvement
  • Engage with the semiconductor and healthcare industries to advance impact through research, training, and the dissemination of best business practices

The success of the W. P. Carey Carey School is tied directly to the success of our students and the careers they pursue at graduation and beyond. We will build on the existing excellence of our career services to make the W. P. Carey Career Services Center world class in its ability to help learners achieve their career goals and be the go-to business school for employers to find the best talent.

  • Increase the percentage of students employed in desired fields and salary levels for all W. P. Carey programs
  • Optimize support for our diverse learner populations including international students and alumni
  • Develop a Business is Personal experience for learners and employers utilizing career services

Our commitment to students doesn’t end at graduation. Our students are W. P. Carey Sun Devils for life. We remain an ongoing resource and facilitate continued learning and success for our alumni around the world to help them achieve their personal and professional goals in both the near and long term.

  • Develop programming and engagement opportunities that cater to specific alumni populations (including by degree, location, and industry) to connect them with W. P. Carey and each other
  • Develop new alumni engagement pathways and enhance awareness of the multitude of options that exist for alumni to be involved and contribute to the success of W. P. Carey and our students
  • Support W. P. Carey alumni throughout their lives by providing a portfolio of learning opportunities to advance their career, advising them during times of career change, and engaging as a partner and resource to their employer

Specific Areas of Strategic Focus

To further align with our mission of access, excellence, and innovation in business knowledge, we have identified the following as critical areas of focus for the W. P. Carey School. These will be important ways in which we endeavor to 'transform the world.'

Societal Impact

Become a national leader in the creation and dissemination of knowledge pertaining to environment, society, and government as it relates to business and develop centers and programming

Develop initiatives to deliver on our promise of “doing good while doing well”

Develop programming/centers focused around financial inclusion, financial literacy, and responsible investing

Artificial intelligence (AI), data, and technology

Develop programming/centers around the intersection between business, data, and technology

Real estate knowledge and education

Develop programs and engagement opportunities to become a national leader in the area of real estate

Entrepreneurship and innovation

Infuse entrepreneurship and innovation in all of our programs to help students develop entrepreneurial skills and an entrepreneurial mindset

Business resiliency

Develop programming/center focused on the area of business and economic resiliency to prepare businesses and society for the next crisis — whatever it will be


Increase the global reach of the school in regions such as China, India, the Middle East, Latin America, and Africa

Prepare W. P. Carey students to be globally oriented and globally mobile by infusing global education and travel opportunities into the curriculum

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR/VR)

Become leaders in the use of AR/VR to be at the forefront of business education

W. P. Carey People Strategy Illustration


 Gopalakrishnan Mohan
Senior Associate Dean of Faculty


 Anne Nguyen
Assistant Dean of Finance and Operations

 Jennifer Mareiro
Director of People and Talent, Human Resources Operations

Research and Societal Impact

 Jeffrey Wilson
Associate Dean of Research & Inclusive Excellence

Undergraduate programs

 Michele Pfund
Senior Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs

Graduate programs

 Luiz Mesquita
Associate Dean of Graduate Programs

 Stacey Lippert
Assistant Dean of Graduate Programs

Career services

 Joey Kimes
Executive Director of Career Services, W. P. Carey Career Services Center

Executive education, continuing education, corporate and business engagement

 Raghu Santanam
Senior Associate Dean for Executive Education, Corporate Partnerships and Lifelong Learning

Alumni engagement

 Erin Gage
Executive Director of Development

Teaching modalities, teaching excellence, and faculty sufficiency

 Amy Ostrom
Vice Dean

 Daniel Gruber
Associate Dean of Teaching and Learning

Global education

 Benjamin Shao
Associate Dean for Asia-Pacific Programs and Initiatives

 Hui Wang
Director, Global Initiatives

Research centers

 Amy Ostrom
Vice Dean

 Gopalakrishnan Mohan
Senior Associate Dean of Faculty

 Jeffrey Wilson
Associate Dean of Research & Inclusive Excellence


 Erin Gage
Executive Director of Development

Academic schools and departments

 Andy Call
Director, School of Accountancy

 Troy Schmitz
Director, Morrison School of Agribusiness

 Alejandro Manelli
Chair, Department of Economics

 Laura Lindsey
Chair, Department of Finance

 Pei-yu Chen
Chair, Department of Information Systems

 Wei Shen
Chair, Department of Management & Entrepreneurship

 Amy Ostrom
Interim Chair, Department of Marketing

 Adegoke Oke
Chair, Department of Supply Chain Management

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