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Strategic planning initiatives

As part of the strategic planning process, leadership within and across W. P. Carey business units are addressing needs and developing priorities that align to the school’s overall strategic planning process. This work will help define key performance indicators for the school and provide a blueprint for the resources and collaboration needed to achieve our goals.

W. P. Carey People Strategy Illustration


 Gopalakrishnan Mohan
Senior Associate Dean of Faculty


 Anne Nguyen
Assistant Dean of Finance and Operations

 Jennifer Mareiro
Director of People and Talent, Human Resources Operations


 Jeffrey Wilson
Associate Dean of Research

Undergraduate programs

 Michele Pfund
Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs

Graduate programs

 Luiz Mesquita
Associate Dean of Graduate Programs

 Stacey Lippert
Assistant Dean of Graduate Programs

Career services

 Joey Kimes
Director of Career Services, W. P. Carey Career Services Center

 Leah Mills
Director of Employer Engagement and Operations, W. P. Carey Career Services Center

Executive education, continuing education, corporate and business engagement

 Raghu Santanam
Senior Associate Dean for Executive Education, Corporate Partnerships and Lifelong Learning

Alumni engagement

 Colin Boyd
Executive Director of Marketing and Communications


 Jeffrey Wilson
Associate Dean of Research

Teaching modalities, teaching excellence, and faculty sufficiency

 Amy Ostrom
Interim Dean

 Daniel Gruber
Associate Dean of Teaching and Learning

Global education

 Benjamin Shao
Associate Dean for Asia-Pacific Programs and Initiatives

 Ian Curtiss
Assistant Dean for Asia-Pacific Programs and Initiatives

Research centers

 Amy Ostrom
Interim Dean

 Gopalakrishnan Mohan
Senior Associate Dean of Faculty

 Jeffrey Wilson
Associate Dean of Research


 Tricia Dunlavey-Hilbun
Director of Development

Academic schools and departments

 Andy Call
Director, School of Accountancy

 Troy Schmitz
Director, Morrison School of Agribusiness

 Alejandro Manelli
Chair, Department of Economics

 Laura Lindsey
Chair, Department of Finance

 Pei-yu Chen
Chair, Department of Information Systems

 Wei Shen
Chair, Department of Management & Entrepreneurship

 Douglas Olsen
Interim Chair, Department of Marketing

 Thomas Kull
Interim Chair, Department of Supply Chain Management

Share your feedback or suggestions

Your input on our strategic planning process is vitally important. Complete the form below to let us know your thoughts on any of the strategic planning initiatives and functional area charges. Anonymous feedback is also welcome. Thank you for your feedback or suggestions and for taking part in the W. P. Carey strategic planning process.

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