Economics student awards

The Department of Economics in the W. P. Carey School of Business celebrates the ongoing success of students with diverse backgrounds and career aspirations. Here, we are proud to recognize recent and past economics student award winners.

Major awards available to economics students include the Turken Family Outstanding Graduating Senior Award — recognizing one overall student winner and outstanding finalists within each department of the W. P. Carey School of Business — and the Dean’s Medal from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Explore more W. P. Carey awards.

Awards for undergraduate students

Below are six of the most prestigious awards honoring students for their remarkable contributions to academics and ASU’s community. We grant awards each graduation season.

Recipients of the Turken Family Outstanding Graduating Senior Award are well-rounded students who display strong academic achievement and exemplary qualities of leadership and service. In 2000, the Sam and Ida Turken Charitable Foundation established an endowment to fund this award.

Each semester, the Department of Economics at W. P. Carey nominates a graduating senior who epitomizes the school’s values and demonstrates ambition and pursuit of lifelong learning.

W. P. Carey inaugurated the Dean's Medalist designation in Fall 2023. The top graduate per semester from every undergraduate and graduate program will receive either a Gold or Silver distinction. The business school recognizes students who have exhibited hard work and growth in developing both quantitative and communicative skills.

Roger Faith was a professor of economics at Arizona State University for 23 years and valued helping students with their academics and personal development. The W. P. Carey Department of Economics awards the top successfully defended undergraduate honors thesis.

Edward Rondthaler was a former alum who received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Arizona State Economics Alumni Association and an Outstanding Alumni Award from W. P. Carey. The junior economics student with the highest academic performance in the most difficult classes receives the Rondthaler Prize.

Each semester, departments and schools within The College select outstanding students who have demonstrated a steadfast commitment to academic excellence while at ASU. These students are awarded the prestigious Dean’s Medal for their academic achievements.

Economics student award winners