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Welcome to the Department of Economics within the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University. Our STEM-designated undergraduate and graduate programs rank among the best in the world. We are devoted to excellence in building a solid quantitative foundation for students and teaching theory, applied economics, and econometrics. Department faculty members regularly present and publish their research in multiple fields of economics, such as environmental economics and labor economics. For additional information, please contact wpcareyecn@asu.edu or join our LinkedIn group.

ASU is No. 25 for best economics
academic programs in the world *

ASU is No. 26 for best global universities
in economics and business **

STEM-designated economics degrees
Expanded career opportunities for international undergraduate and PhD students

* Ahead of Boston University, USC, and University of Texas; ShanghaiRanking, 2023
** Ahead of Duke, UCLA, and Penn State; U.S. News & World Report, 2023

Economics faculty

ASU's economics faculty members are well known for their contributions to various fields of economics. They frequently publish work in prestigious general-interest economics journals and the premier journals for their disciplines. While serving as editors of prominent academic publications and contributors to scientific associations and editorial boards, they also present their research at major institutions and worldwide conferences.

In the last 40 years, the Department of Economics at Arizona State University has become well known for its contributions to various fields of economics, including environmental economics, applied microeconomics, macroeconomics, public finance, labor economics, economics of education, and economic theory.

This year, the department of economics is delighted to welcome the following new faculty: Kwaku Addae-Ankrah (Delaware), Xincheng Qiu (Penn), Kartik Verma (Utah), and Samuel Young (MIT).

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Message from our chair

Economics is indispensable for understanding history, politics, and businesses, investments, work opportunities, and more. Studying economics provides a framework and the tools to understand the world, to make better individual decisions, and to understand the decisions made by others. Read more...

Alejandro Manelli (Chair and Professor, Department of Economics)

Alejandro Manelli

PhD in Economics

W. P. Carey aims to prepare economics PhD students to excel and contribute meaningfully to their chosen disciplines. With a multidisciplinary approach, our rigorous doctorate program and small student-professor ratio provide students with the tools and training necessary to produce innovative ideas. We successfully place graduates in academic institutions, government agencies, and Fortune 500 industry roles nationally and globally.

Explore answers to frequently asked questions and learn about PhD qualification requirements before you apply. Reach out to Econ.PhD@asu.edu for support along the way.

Master's degree in economics

Designed to develop economic trailblazers, the Master of Science in Economics (MS-Econ) delivers analytical skills and knowledge for the new economy. This STEM-designated degree program is career-oriented and customizable, including flexible elective options, professional preparation, and applied learning experiences led by world-renowned faculty. You'll emerge with a quantitative economics toolkit and perspective for economic decision-making — and unlock new opportunities across industries.

Undergraduate economics program

The Department of Economics offers many opportunities for students to tailor their undergraduate education and experience to their particular interests. Students can obtain a Bachelor of Science in Economics degree either through the W. P. Carey School of Business or the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, with both in-person and online classes available.

We offer comprehensive academic and career support to ensure our students can maximize their education and pursue their desired career paths. Welcome! We’re glad you’re here.

What can I do with an economics degree?

All business students receive dedicated career support through the W. P. Carey Career Services Center. In addition, we have created and compiled resources to help students navigate what’s next. Our graduates go on to work in many different industries and roles. The most common jobs students pursue are as lawyers, consultants, bankers, academics, analysts, and statisticians.

Lawyers significantly influence economic decisions, making law school a popular path for economics graduates. With strong verbal and analytical skills, economics students typically score higher on the LSAT than students from other academic disciplines.

Economics student awards

Undergraduate economics students are eligible for prestigious awards through the W. P. Carey School of Business and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. We commend students for their excellent academic performance and dedication to serving ASU’s community.

Awards and winners

Economics research

Economics researchers study resource scarcity and human behavior. They interpret historical trends, explain today’s news, and forecast the future. ASU economics faculty are renowned for their groundbreaking research with real-world applications. Faculty research interests run the gamut, from investigating the impact of potential tax increases to analyzing the probability of cohabitating partners marrying.

Center for Environmental Economics and Sustainability Policy (CEESP)

The The Center for Environmental Economics and Sustainability Policy recognizes the vital need to understand how human behavior and government policies affect sustainability challenges. Our mission is to develop principles for environmental economics, guiding resource management and policy.

CEESP research delves into the effects of environmental policy on older people, the economic mobility challenges of coastal climate change, and more.

Read economics research

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Department news and events

Many researchers from around the world visit the W. P. Carey Department of Economics to present their work at seminars and conferences, teach workshops, and connect with students. All of this translates into high-quality instruction at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

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