Economic community and tutoring center

Spring 2022 tutoring

Tutoring and supplemental instruction for Macroeconomic Principles (ECN 211), Microeconomic Principles (ECN 212), and Business Statistics (ECN 221) are offered by the University Academic Success Programs. Tutoring is free and available to both online and in-person students. Students can find a tutor or supplemental instruction session at

The economics department employs tutors to support Intermediate Microeconomics (ECN 312), Intermediate Macroeconomics (ECN 313), Applied Regression Analysis (ECN 410) and Econometrics (ECN 425). Tutoring is free and available to both in-person and online students most weekdays. Please contact your instructor for more information.

ASU tutoring

Student Success Centers offer free tutoring to all enrolled students. Depending on the course, in-person tutoring in small groups or online tutoring may be available.