Job market placements

Our faculty make extensive efforts to place our Ph.D. students in positions befitting their skills and areas of expertise. Our students have been placed in top academic institutions both nationally and internationally, in top corporations, and in state and federal governmental agencies.

2022 1st Year Placement/Position
Dowling, Jakob Amazon, Economist
Escobar, Marco Western Alliance Bank
French, Jacob NYU, Assistant Professor
Jeong, Minju IMF, Economist
Mesias Moreno, Jorge Keystone Strategy, Economist
Odriozola, Juan Cooperación Andina de Fomento, Economist
Tobin, Zachary Amazon, Economist
2021 1st Year Placement/Position
Bae, Juhee University of Glasgow, UK, Lecturer (Assist. Prof.)
Basu, Sayahnika University of California San Diego, 2-3 year Postdoc
Esfahani, Mehrdad Roanoke College, Assist. Prof.
Garcia Couto, Santiago Georgetown-Qatar, Assist. Prof.
Kim, Yong Korea Institute for Industrial Economics and Trade, Assoc. Research Fellow
Mangini, Marco Western Alliance Bank- Model Risk Analyst
Saha, Nirman University of Surrey, UK, Lecturer (Assist. Prof.)
2020 1st Year Placement/Position Current Position
Altinok, Ahmet Nazarbayev University, Assist. Prof.  
Gonzalez-Sanchez, Eric Arizona State University, Clinical Asst. Prof. Oklahoma State University, Assis. Professor of Professional Practice
MacDonald, Diana Banco de Mexico, Research Department, Economist  
Mathes, Sophie Fundação Getulio Vargas, Brazil, Assist. Prof.  
Sanguinetti, Tomas Essent Guaranty, Economist  
Tamkoc, Nazim World Bank, Economist  
2019 1st Year Placement/Position Current Position
Eshaghnia, Sadegh University of Chicago, 2-year Post Doc  
Fernandez, Luis Resources for the Future, 2-year Postdoc  
Pang, Haiyan Western Alliance Bank, Senior Risk Modeler Amazon, Economist
Rivadeneira, Alex Banco de Mexico, Research Department  
Rivera, Alberto California State - Fullerton, Assistant Professor  
Vindas, Alberto Banco Central de Costa Rica, Research Department  
2018 1st Year Placement/Position
Agostinelli, Francesco University of Pennsylvania, Assistant Professor
Dalkiran, Dilsat SAP, Arizona, Senior Data Scientist
Raei, Sepideh Utah State University, Huntsman School of Business, Assistant Professor
Saharkhiz, Morteza IMPAQ International, LLC, Maryland, Research Associate
Sun, Minjuan Future-Moves Group, Singapore, Research Associate
2017 1st Year Placement/Position Current Position
Hernández Chanto, Allan The University of Queensland,Australia, Lecturer (Assistant Professor)  
Jahangiry, Pedram BlackRock Financial, New York, Research Associate Utah State University, Huntsman School of Business, Professional Practice Assistant Professor
Krukava, Nastassia Indiana University, Indiana, Lecturer  
Tao, Ran NEOMA Business School, France, Assistant Professor  
Vahedi, Sajad IMPAQ International, LLC, Maryland, Research Associate  
Yue, Yang Xiamen University, China, Assistant Professor  
2016 1st Year Placement/Position
Blandin, Adam Virginia Commonwealth University, Assistant Professor
Xi, Xican (Sean) Fudan University, China, Assistant Professor
2015 1st Year Placement/Position
Lee, Tae Eui (Terry) Korea Energy Economics Institute, Research Associate
Li, Zhan University of Winnipeg, Canada, Assistant Professor
Sinha, Rishabh World Bank, Economist
Ge, Zhizhuang (Andy) China Security Regulatory Commission, Research Associate
2014 1st Year Placement/Position Current Position
Cho, Jaehan Korea Institute for Industrial Economics and Trade, Research Fellow  
Choi, Kwang-shin Financial Supervisory Service of Korea, Economist  
Hu, Lin Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, Post Doc Australian National University- Lecturer (Assistant Professor)
Wang, Mian China Security Regulatory Commission  
Wu, Zhenhua Nanjing University School of Business, Jiangsu, China  
2013 1st Year Placement/Position Current Position
Donovan, Kevin University of Notre Dame, Indiana, Assistant Professor Yale School of Management, Assistant Professor
Herrington, Christopher Virginia Commonwealth University, Assistant Professor  
Xiang, Jin Northern Trust Pacific Premier Bank, SVP, Director of Financial Risk Management
2011 1st Year Placement/Position Current Position
Schreck, Paul Federal Reserve Bank, Minneapolis, Quantitative Analyst Western Alliance Bank, VP, Risk Modeling Manager
Lawver, Daniel University of California, Santa Barbara, Visiting Assistant Professor US Department of Health and Human Services, Economist
Nowak, Adam West Virginia University, Assistant Professor Associate Professor
Shao, Ran Yeshiva University, New York, Assistant Professor Associate Professor
Wang, Na Hofstra University, New York, Assistant Professor- Finance Associate Professor- Finance
Kim, Seon-Tae Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico, Mexico, Assistant Professor- Finance University of Liverpool, Management School, Lecturer in Economics (Assistant Professor)
Janicki, Hubert U.S. Census Bureau, Economist  
2010 1st Year Placement/Position Current Position
Alonso Ortiz, Jorge Instituto Technologico Autonomo de Mexico, Mexico, Assistant Professor Associate Professor
Leal Ordonez, Julio Centro de Investigacion y Docencia Economicas, Mexico Banco de Mexico, Research Economist
Ouyang, Fangrui American Express, Risk Management Manager Wells Fargo, Quantitative Analytics Consultant
Rubini, Loris Carlos III, Spain, Assistant Professor University of New Hampshire, Assistant Professor
Tarafdar, Suchismita Indian Statistical Institute Delhi, India, Visiting Scientist Assistant Professor
Wallenius, Johanna Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden, Assistant Professor Professor
Wang, Zhe University of International Business and Economics, China  

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