Highly ranked worldwide

Arizona State University is ranked No. 26 among global universities for economics and business (U.S. News & World Report, 2022-2023). Explore W. P. Carey rankings

Undergraduate economics program

Economics is a social science concerned with how societies deal with scarcity. Economists explain and predict economic behavior at both the micro- and macro- levels. With an ASU economics degree, you’ll learn to model economic phenomena in a precise and rigorous way using quantitative tools such as algebra, calculus and statistics.

ASU economics degrees

There are two ways to complete an undergraduate degree in economics: The Bachelor of Science offered by the W. P. Carey School of Business, or the Bachelor of Science offered by The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at ASU. Both degrees are offered in person and online. Learn about academic advising and tutoring for economics students.

What is STEM designation?

For STEM-designated programs, eligible graduates on student visas have access to an Optional Practical Training extension for up to 36 months. This longer work authorization term may help international students gain additional skills and experience in the U.S.

Concurrent degrees and more

In partnership with the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering, students may complete the W. P. Carey economics degree concurrently with engineering management. These degrees provide students with multifaceted coursework, in preparation for leadership in engineering enterprises.

In collaboration with the School of Politics and Global Studies, the W. P. Carey Department of Economics offers a Politics and the Economy concentration option for the economics degree offered by The College and a standalone degree in politics and the economy.

These majors combine the expertise of the faculty in both the Department of Economics and the School of Politics and Global Studies, preparing students to evaluate society's most relevant issues. Students majoring in politics and the economy are eligible to apply for the accelerated Master of Arts in Political Science offered by the School of Politics and Global Studies.

ASU economics minor

Arizona State University also offers a minor in economics to complement almost any undergraduate major or career. The economics minor teaches you to understand the interactions between individuals, firms, and governments — providing insight into decisions made by households, private entities, and public entities.

Take your next steps at W. P. Carey

The W. P. Carey School of Business provides a tight-knit community where you can thrive, within Arizona State University. Explore additional information for future ASU business students:

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