Undergraduate program

Economics is a social science concerned with how societies deal with scarcity. Economists explain and predict economic behavior at both the micro- and macro- levels. With an economics degree from ASU, you’ll learn to model economic phenomena in a precise and rigorous way using quantitative tools such as algebra, calculus and statistics.

Economics – bachelor’s degree program (BS)

A Bachelor of Science in economics is offered in both the W. P. Carey School of Business and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. In addition, students pursing other degrees may choose to minor in economics.

The program requires a strong core of economic theory, supplemented by mathematics and data analysis. Electives are offered through the Department of Economics and other disciplines in the W. P. Carey School, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, or other schools across ASU.

How to apply

Visit ASU Undergraduate Admissions for admissions applications, procedures and requirements, financial aid services, and contact information for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.