ASU-SME Alliance


Solving real problems for real businesses

The SMB (small and medium-sized businesses) Lab powered by ASU and W. P. Carey is an innovative university-wide initiative to help Arizona SMBs solve their real, pressing business problems. By bringing together business leaders, development professionals, and faculty and students from ASU, this program builds an ecosystem for local SMBs and infuses critical resources from the university back into the community.

Lab meetings are held periodically to bring together members to focus on a specific company’s concern and to brainstorm actionable solutions. Beyond problem-solving, the network of the SMB Lab creates value for all members through creative solutions and cross-sector networking.

Value to SMBs

The SMB Lab generates significant value to the companies involved beyond simply problem-solving. Those include:

Accelerating Growth while Mitigating Business Risk
This platform aims to connect you with existing and new business partners, advisors, and potential investors to help network and explore new ideas. Through brainstorming, the lab encourages growth, reducing external reliance and hedging future business and operations risks.

Utilizing ASU assets
ASU brings a unique set of differentiated assets to this group including thought leadership, world-class faculty, networking potential, latest research, tremendous talent, investment vehicles, experimentation labs, and the vested interest in local ecosystem health – a unique competitive advantage.

Demystifying and capitalizing on new technology
Emerging technology has proven to be a business game changer, and an SMB that can learn, identify disruptors and take advantage will win. This platform will ensure you know what is coming and how to integrate it into your business.

Value to students

One valuable aspect of the SMB Lab is the access to upcoming talent through the students in the W. P. Carey School of Business. By participating in lab meetings, students can:

Learn directly from the entrepreneurs and founders
Hear from the people who created it all. See the passion, drive, commitment and resolve that it takes to lead a successful SMB. Learn about the challenges and rewards to see if this may be the right path for you.

Engage with high growth and high potential companies
Make a real difference with your education by making a real impact, where it will be noticed and rewarded immediately through actionable solutions and valuable connections in local industry.

Discover internship and hiring opportunities
Problems in SMBs are real, and they need real and rapid solutions. If you are the right candidate for a position at an SMB, you are hitting the ground running with unmatched experience from the lab.

Connect with us

To learn more about the SMB Lab and attend our next session, please contact

Hitendra Chaturvedi
Professor of Practice, Supply Chain Management