Scholarship opportunities

Students enrolled in the W. P. Carey School of Business have many opportunities to apply for scholarships. Business students should apply for them through the W. P. Carey School of Business and the ASU Scholarship Office. Scholarships managed by the W. P. Carey School are limited to business students, while the ASU Scholarship Office handles scholarships open to ALL ASU students, regardless of major.

The W. P. Carey Scholarship General Application should be completed each academic year, and the application deadline is early in the spring semester (around February 1). A separate application may be required for certain business scholarships, and a list of those opportunities is available through the WPC Scholarship Office. Additionally, you may contact the Undergraduate Scholarship Office for information on other scholarship opportunities.

Scholarships for supply chain management students

Supply chain majors are eligible to apply for other scholarships that are awarded through the Department of Supply Chain Management’s scholarship committee and external organizations. These scholarships are awarded at different times throughout the year and typically offer $1,000 to $5,000 in awards.

The W. P. Carey Supply Chain Management Department also selects one student from each major each fall and spring semester for the Supply Chain Management Outstanding Graduating Senior Award and the Global Logistics Management Outstanding Graduating Senior Award.

SCM students are nationally competitive

W. P. Carey supply chain management undergraduate students have been awarded major scholarships by global companies and industry organizations. They include:

Special interest or experience scholarships

Oftentimes companies and organizations want to support students who will advance the industry and their work. Some of the scholarships offered for supply chain management majors are targeted for students who have special interests or unique experiences. They include:

  • An interest in aerospace or cybersecurity industry
  • An interest in public procurement
  • An interest in transportation
  • First-generation college students
  • Students inducted into the Beta Gamma Sigma honor society

If you have an interest or experience in any of these areas, be sure to include detailed information in your essay responses for the W. P. Carey School of Business General Scholarship application. This will help match you to the best opportunities for which you qualify.

Keeping students informed

The W. P. Carey Supply Chain Management Department has an undergraduate scholarship committee made up of our faculty. The department scholarship manager sends out multiple emails throughout the academic year providing students with scholarship updates, deadlines, and application tips. Students also are encouraged to ask questions, seek consultation or meet with the scholarship office to discuss application strategies for national scholarships.

Preparing your scholarship application

Winning scholarships requires that students build a series of impressive achievements over their entire academic career. While some scholarships are available to incoming students, first-year students and sophomores, many of the top awards require students to be entering their junior year. It is therefore important that students take their first few semesters to build a resume that will catch the attention of scholarship committees at ASU and nationwide.

What are the key ingredients for a competitive application?

  • Excellent grades in challenging courses
  • Pursuit of rigorous academic programs, multiple majors or academic certificates
  • Participation in leadership and community programs on and off campus
  • Internships and other career-related work experience
  • Outstanding course-related projects
  • Clearly defined academic and professional goals and a plan to achieve them
  • Well-written essays that are concise, professional, original and creative
  • Accurate financial data demonstrating need (when required)

Conveying passion and desire

Competitive applications need to be more than a series of outstanding accomplishments. They also must convey genuine passion and desire for the field. Students must concisely, but effectively, present their ideas, their dreams and their accomplishments. Additionally, students should outline their plan to achieve those dreams and goals. While the path may change, the scholarship committee wants to see how your accomplishments today will set you up for future success.

Not every scholarship committee member values the same criteria, so students with varying backgrounds and academic careers are always encouraged to apply.