PhD placement data

Our faculty make extensive efforts to place our PhD students in positions at top universities befitting their skills, interests, and areas of expertise.

Name PhD year Initial placement Current placement Dissertation Title
Chao Wu 2023 Wayne State University Wayne State University Three Essays on Nonprofit Supply Management
Xianging Chen 2023 University of Nebraska-Lincoln University of Nebraska-Lincoln Ferment New Wine in Old Barrels: Operational Renovation for Efficiency and Social Welfare
Iman Parsa 2022 INSEAD INSEAD Business School Essays in Humanitarian Operations Management
Seongkyoon Jeong 2022 University of Tennessee University of Tennessee Management of Digital Supply Chains
Lina Wang 2021 Georgia Southern University Penn State University Platform Design and Operations in the Last-mile of the Supply Chain
Gwangjae Yu 2021 Samsung Electronics Samsung Electronics Three Essays on Demand and Supply Management
Feng Cheng 2020 Minnesota State University Towson University Firm Environmental and Social Sustainability in Supply Chains
Kang Hsu 2020 Georgia Southern University Georgia Southern University Three Essays on Firm Responses to Climate Change
Piyush Shah 2020 Florida Gulf Coast University Florida Gulf Coast University Cognitive Antecedents to Knowledge Asset Outsourcing Decision
Sina Golara 2018 MIT Kennesaw State University Product-Service Bundling in Manufacturing Firms
Sining Song 2018 University of Tennessee University of Tennessee Essays on Environmental Spillovers in Supply Chain
Eunae Yoo 2018 University of Tennessee Indiana University Dynamics of information distribution on social media platforms during disasters
Zhongzhi Liu 2017 Soochow University Soochow University Understanding and Leveraging Crowd Development in Crowdsourcing
Sangho Chae 2017 Tilburg University Tilburg University Three Essays on Theorizing Supply Chain-Make versus Supply Chain-Buy
Yousef Abdulsalam 2016 Kuwait University Kuwait University A Diagnosis of Supply Chain Integration in the Health Sector
Min Choi 2016 California State University, Fullerton California State University, Fullerton Moral Hazard, Power, and Risk Sharing in Scan-Based Trading.
Jerry Huff 2016 Aventis Systems Aventis Systems Friends of my enemies: A longitudinal investigation into Supply Base Management
Sophie Yang 2016 University of Texas, El Paso University of Texas, El Paso Reframing buyer-supplier agency problems beyond the dyad
Zac Rogers 2016 Colorado State University Colorado State University Market Reaction to CSR Events In The Supply Chain.
Name PhD year Initial placement Current placement Dissertation Title
Annibal Sodero 2012 University of Arkansas The Ohio State University The Effect of Social Interactions on Demand and Service Levels of Online Retailers in the Social Shopping Context
Mei Li 2011 Lehigh University University of Oklahoma The impacts of bridge transfer on services outsourcing- a social network perspective
Tingting Yan 2011 Wayne State University Wayne State University The communication and goal structures in buyer-supplier joint product design
Yusoon Kim 2010 Georgia Southern University Oregon State University Expanding buyer-supplier relationships: Adoption of network embeddedness perspective
Arash Azadegan 2008 New Mexico State University Rutgers University Supplier innovativeness and manufacturer performance: An organizational learning perspective
Yunsook Hong 2007 Bowling Green State University University of Ulsan, Korea Coordinating product development with suppliers and performance impacts
Barry Brewer 2006 Air Force Institute of Technology University of Wyoming Outsourcing direct materials procurement in an outsourced manufacturing arrangement
Regis Terpend 2006 Boise State University Boise State University Commodity sourcing decisions: Identifying, defining and validating purchase archetypes
Christian Rossetti 2006 Georgia Southern University Georgia Southern University Supply chain disintermediation: An agency perspective on buyer-supplier relationships under incongruent goals
Bryan Ashenbaum 2006 Miami University Miami University Exploring the purchasing-logistics interface: Conceptualization, antecedents of integration, and performance implications
Wendy Tate 2006 University of Tennessee University of Tennessee Purchasing outsourced services from offshore suppliers
Cynthia Wallin 2006 Brigham Young University Brigham Young University Inventory ownership and placement decisions for an externally sourced item within a buyer-supplier dyad
Marcos Primo 2003 Miami University Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil Supply failure and recovery incidents in business-to-business exchanges
Zhaohui Wu 2003 Oregon State University Oregon State University Supplier-supplier interactions and their effects on supply performance: An empirical st
Jeffrey Ogden 2003 Brigham Young University University of North Texas An empirical investigation of the antecedents, processes, and benefits of supply base reduction efforts
George Zsidisin 2001 Michigan State University University of Missouri St. Louis An investigation of supply risk perceptions and management
Pamela Easton 2000 Bryant College Arizona State University Antecedent conditions to supplier development success
Craig Carter 1996 University of Maryland Arizona State University Interorganizational antecedents and determinants of environmental purchasing: An international comparison
Joel Wisner 1991 University of Nevada University of Nevada The Effect of Labor Relearning on Scheduling Policies in a Job Shop.
Stanley Fawcett 1990 Michigan State University University of San Diego The Logistics/Manufactoring Interaction in Global Manufacturing Strategy: Examining Production Sharing in Mexico’s Maquiladora Industry.