Message from the chair

Mohan Gopalakrishnan

Supply chain management converts many global supply chains into value chains by efficiently and effectively dealing with growing uncertainties and complexities in their network. It is said the real competition is not between organizations but their supply chains. We study the for-profit and non-profit supply chains including healthcare and humanitarian supply chains.

In addition, at the SCM department in the W. P. Carey School of Business we study all aspects of supply systems: supply management, operations, logistics, demand management, network relationships and sustainability, just to name a few. We also address the role of cutting edge technologies on supply chains.

Our faculty is involved in world-class research, ever moving the knowledge-base. And our staff is dedicated to serving all who come. In addition, we do have global companies that have productive relationships with us. Come study with us. Join us in our quest to observe, describe, explain, predict, control and design supply systems of the future.

Mohan Gopalakrishnan (Dr. G)