Message from the chair

John Fowler

Have you ever wondered about the universe? How did it all get there?

Supply chain management is just like that. How did that product or service get there?

When you contemplate all that is required (materials, equipment, facilities, capital, people, knowledge, information) and the linkages that must be functioning to get a product or a service to a customer, it is only slightly less mind boggling than the mystery of the universe.

The fact that we accomplish it at all would be enough. But it isn’t. We want supply systems that are flexible, adaptable, cost effective and sustainable. What an incredibly challenging and interesting field!

Our team here at the W. P. Carey School of Business includes scholars and students interested in all aspects of supply systems: supply management, operations, logistics, demand management, network relationships and sustainability, just to name a few. And our staff is dedicated to serving all who come.

Come study with us. Join us in our quest to observe, describe, explain, predict, control and design supply systems of the future.

Dale Rogers
Interim Chair