ASU-SME Alliance

ASU-SME Alliance


Winning Together by Building the Next-Gen SME Ecosystem

ASU and W. P. Carey are partnering with the Arizona SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) in a first of its kind model showcasing innovation, initiative, and ecosystem value creation. The pandemic hit the SME sector the hardest, and ASU is reaching out to provide a platform for this community to come together and build value-multiplier opportunities!

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  1. The ASU Assets
    ASU brings a unique set of differentiated assets to this group including investment vehicles, thought leadership, world-class faculty, networking potential, latest research, tremendous talent, experimentation labs, innovation, and the vested interest in local ecosystem health – a unique competitive advantage.

  2. Accelerate Growth while Mitigating Business Risk
    This platform aims to connect you with existing, and new business partners, advisors, potential investors, help network, and explore new ideas for growth, reduce external reliance and hedge future business and operations risks. The idea is to create a mutual win-win!

  3. Demystify & Capitalize on New Technology
    Emerging technology will be a game changer and SME that can learn, identify disrupters and take advantage will win. This platform will ensure you know what si coming.

  4. Harness Talent
    The right talent is the difference between winning and losing, and ASU and the ecosystem can help provide the right talent, at the right time.

  5. Stay Circular, Sustainable, and Profitable
    Soon circularity and having sustainable business models will be required to just get in the game with large business. Learn how to be create sustainable business models that are also profitable.

  6. Pay it Forward
    Give back to the ecosystem by being guest speaker in classrooms, mentor students who will immensely benefit from your experiences, find ‘diamonds in the rough,’ and fund research, and thought leadership relevant to your business.

  7. Be Heard
    Build a critical mass with a strong voice and influence at the local, state, and federal government on issues that are critical to the SME ecosystem.


  1. Audience with high growth, and high potential companies
    Make REAL difference with your education by making REAL impact where it will be noticed and rewarded immediately

  2. Be on the ground where true innovation is happening
    Have an idea? Implement and see the result. Use the platform of ASU – the most innovative school in the world!

  3. Put your career on fast track
    In SME results are noticed very fast leading to a hockey curve in leaning, responsibility, and career growth. Are you up for it?

  4. Learn directly from the entrepreneurs and founders
    Hear it from the people who created it all. See the passion, drive, commitment and resolve. It is all very contagious!

  5. Internship and hiring opportunities in the most amazing ecosystem in the world
    Problems are real, and they need real and rapid solutions so if you are the right candidate you are hitting the ground running!


DATE: March 23, 2021

PLACE: Zoom Meeting: Click here

TIME: 2-5 p.m. Arizona Time


2:00-2:15: Welcome, and why are we here? - Professor Hitendra Chaturvedi, ASU SCM

2:15-2:45: Putting money where the mouth is: An investor’s perspective on future opportunities in Arizona - TBD

2:45-3:15: ASU assets that we can bring to the fore - Dr. Mohan Gopalakrishnan, Chair SCM Department

3:15-3:30: SME case study

3:30-4:00: Breakout session moderated by faculty and students. These responses will guide agendas for subsequent meetings.

  1. What SME want from this forum

  2. What SME want from ASU

  3. What SME is willing to give in return

4:00-4:15: Summarizing breakout session findings

4:15-4:45: Panel discussion – moderated by students

4:45-5:00: Summary, Next steps, and Closing

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