Stephen Brown (MKT/CSL)


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Ph.D., Arizona State University, 1971; MBA, Arizona State University, 1968; B.S., Arizona State University, 1967.

Research Areas

Service marketing and management, strategic marketing, transforming goods ? dominant companies to services and solutions enterprises.

Recent Consulting

Boeing, Siemens, Johnson & Johnson, The HSM Group, NeoIT and others.

Current Projects

Tronvoll, B, S.W. Brown, D.D. Gremler and B. Edvardsson. “A Framework for and Analyses of Paradigms in Service Research” being revised at journal’s invitation for Journal of Service Research.

Brown, S.W., A. Gustafsson and L. Witell. “Transforming Manufacturers into Service Providers.”

Howley, M.J., C.B. Jarvis, S.W. Brown and J.W. Ward. “Understanding Service Failure as Disruption of Customer Identification Processes.”

Gallan, A., S.W. Brown, C.B. Jarvis and M.J. Bitner. “Effects of Customer Participation and Emotion on Perceptions of a Professional Service Experience.”

Bettencourt, L.A., S.W. Brown and N. Siriaw. “The Secret to True Service Innovation.”

Academic Positions Held

Arizona State University: 1974 ? present. Louisiana State University: 1971 ? 1974.

Career and Recent Professional Awards

Winspear Visiting Scholar, University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, 1997 ? present. Honorary Doctoral Degree, University of Karlstad (Sweden), 2006. Best Article of the Year (with K. Gwinner, M.J. Bitner and A. Kumar), Journal of Service Research, 2006. Best Paper Award (with S. Michel), Marketing Strategy Track, American Marketing Association Winter Educators’ Conference, 2005. Inaugural Recipient of Educational Excellence Award from Association for Service Management International, 2001. Reviewer of the Year Award, Journal of Service Research, 2001. One of ten academics featured in A Services Marketing Perspective, 2000. Honorary Doctoral Degree, HANKEN ? Swedish School of Economics (Finland), 1999. Beckett Prize for Article of the Year (with Stephen Tax), MIT Sloan Management Review, 1998. Career Contribution Award, Services Marketing Special Interest Group, American Marketing Association, 1998.

Professional Leadership

Founding and Executive Director, Center for Services Leadership, W. P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University, 1985 ? present. Co-Moderator, Service Symposia with Fudan University, 2009, 2008. Co-founder and Co-chair, International Quality in Services (QUIS) Symposia, biannually 1988-2009. Co-chair, Frontiers in Service Conference, 2005. Faculty Member, Services Marketing Doctoral Consortium, 2006 ? 2009, 2004, 2002, 2000. Co-editor, Special Service Quality issues, Journal of Service Management, 2001, 1999, 1997. Vice Chair, American Marketing Association Foundation, 1992 ? 1996. President/Board Chair, American Marketing Association, 1984 ? 1985. Board of Directors of Public, Private and Non-Profit Organizations.

Representative Publications 

Ostrom, A.L., M.J. Bitner, S. W. Brown and others (2010). “Moving Forward and Making a Difference: Research, Priorities for the Science of Service.” Journal of Service Research. 12(3).

Brown, S.W., A. Gustafsson and L. Witell (2009). “Beyond Products.” Wall Street Journal. June 22.

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Brown, S.W. & Bitner, M.J. (2006), "Mandating a Services Revolution for Marketing" in Toward A New Dominate Logic for Marketing, Lusch, R.F. & Vargo, S.L., editors, M.E. Sharpe Publishers, 393-405.

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