Mary Bitner

Professor/Edward M. Carson Chair in Services Marketing
TEMPE Campus
TEMPE Campus


  • PhD  University of Washington
  • MBA  University of Washington
  • BA  University of Washington


  • Zeithaml, Valarie, Stephen W. Brown, Mary Jo Bitner, and Jim Salas, Profiting From Services and Solutions: What Product-Centric Firms Need to Know, Business Expert Press, forthcoming 2014.
  • Sirianni, Nancy J., Mary Jo Bitner, Stephen W. Brown, and Naomi Mandel, "Branded Service Encounters: Strategically Aligning Employee Behavior with the Brand Positioning," Journal of Marketing, Vol. 77, No. 6, November 2013, 108-123.
  • Gallan, Andrew, Cheryl Burke Jarvis, Stephen W. Brown, and Mary Jo Bitner, "Customer Positivity and Participation in Services: An Empirical Test in a Healthcare Context," Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Vol. 41, No. 3, May 2013, 338-356.
  • Mende, Martin, Ruth N. Bolton, and Mary Jo Bitner, "Decoding Customer-Firm Relationships: How Attachment Styles Help Explain Customers' Preferences for Closeness, Repurchase Intentions, and Changes in Relationship Breadth," Journal of Marketing Research, Vol. 50, No. 1, February 2013, 125-142.
  • Wunderlich, Nancy, Florian von Wangerheim, and Mary Jo Bitner, "High Tech and High Tough: A Framework for Understanding User Attitudes and Behaviors Related to Smart Interactive Services," Journal of Service Research, lead article, Vol. 16, No. 1, February 2013, 3-20.
  • Cadwallader, Susan, Cheryl Burke Jarvis, Amy L. Ostrom and Mary Jo Bitner, “Frontline Employee Motivation to Participate in Service Innovation Implementation,” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Vol. 38, No. 2, 251-, 2010.
  • Ostrom, Amy L., Mary Jo Bitner, Stephen W. Brown, Kevin A. Burkhard, Michael Goul, Vicki Smith-Daniels, Haluk Demirkan, and Elliot Rabinovich, “Moving Forward and Making a Difference: Research Priorities for the Science of Service,” Journal of Service Research, 13 (1), February 2010, 4-36.
  • Zeithaml, Valarie, Mary Jo Bitner and Dwayne D. Gremler, "Services Marketing: Integrating Customer Focus Across the Firm," 6th edition, New York: McGraw-Hill, 2013.
  • Bitner, Mary Jo, Amy L. Ostrom, and Felicia N. Morgan, "Service Blueprinting: A Practical Technique for Service Innovation," California Management Review, Spring 2008, 66-94.

Research Activity


Spring 2017
Course NumberCourse Title
MKT 791Seminar
Spring 2016
Course NumberCourse Title
MKT 520Services Marketing and Mgmt
Spring 2015
Course NumberCourse Title
MKT 520Services Marketing and Mgmt
Spring 2014
Course NumberCourse Title
MKT 520Services Marketing and Mgmt
Spring 2013
Course NumberCourse Title
MKT 520Services Marketing and Mgmt


  • 2014 Marketing Innovator Award, Marketing Management Association
  • 2013 ISSIP Fellow Award for Lifetime Achievement in Service Science, International Society for Service Innovation Professionals
  • Named Edward M. Carson Chair in Services Marketing, 2013
  • 2010 Outstanding Professor, Doctoral Programs, W. P. Carey School of Business
  • 2010 Distinguished Honored Professor, School of Management, Fudan University, Shanghai China
  • 2005 IBM Faculty Fellow Award for Services Science 
  • Career Contributions to the Services Discipline award from the American Marketing Association, 2003


  • Editor in Chief, Journal of Service Research, 2013-2017
  • American Marketing Association Board Member (elected), 2011-2014
  • Co-Chair for Services and Retailing Track (with Amy Ostrom), Winter AMA Educators Conference, 2011
  • Co-Chair, American Marketing Association, Sheth Ph.D. Consortium, 2007
  • Conference Co-Chair, Frontiers in Services Conference, 2005
  • Editorial Review Board Member: Service Science, 2008-present
  • Journal of Marketing, 1994-2005; 2008-present
  • Journal of Service Management (formerly IJSIM), 2004-present
  • Journal of Service Research, 1997-present