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Associate Dean for Faculty & Research
TEMPE Campus
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Michael Goul is Associate Dean for Faculty and Research and a Professor at the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University (ASU).  He is an affiliated faculty member for both ASU’s Institute for Social Science Research and the Global Security Initiative, and he serves on the Biodesign Institute's Internal Advisory Board.  In the Carey School, Michael oversees faculty and department affairs and leads initiatives to advance faculty excellence.  In addition, he oversees the School’s portfolio of research centers, coordinates the School’s Ph.D. Program, and he represents the School on University research initiatives such as those associated with advanced analytics.  For the six years prior, he served as chair of the school’s department of information systems. As chair, Goul spearheaded the development of the nine-month Master of Science in Business Analytics program, and he administered the launch of the School’s undergraduate Bachelor of Science in Business Data Analytics degree.  Michael also administered the launch of the online version of Carey’s highly successful Master’s of Science in Information Management program. Goul is passionate about how the concomitant explosion of big data, the shift to cloud computing and the emergence of the mobile/social web does and will impact the global economy. His most recent research efforts are in the area of big data, IoT and data science governance, fog computing and analytics/data sharing contracts. In summer 2016, Goul was recognized with the Outstanding Leadership Award by the IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Services Computing. He has published over one hundred articles, authored cases and he conducted analytics research at companies including American Express, eBay, Intel and Teradata.  


  • PhD  Oregon State University, 1985
  • MBA  Oregon State University, 1979 
  • BS  Oregon State University, 1978 



Research Interests

Research Areas
Business analytics, governance of enterprise analytics, servi ces computing, predictive model and data ownership contracts, smart cities and fog computing

Current Projects

"The Design Implications of Data and Analytics Provisions in B2B2G Contracts For Smart City Services Fog Computing Platforms" with Vineet Mishra, Divyesh Dnyanmothe, Krutika Rao, Ketaki Bhalerao

"In Search of a New Alignment in Services" Dual special issues of IEEE Transactions on Services Computing and INFORMS Service Science

Career and Professional Awards

Recipient, IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Services Computing Outstanding Leadership award, 2016.

Best Article Award: Ostrom, A.L., M.J. Bitner, S.W. Brown, K.A. Burkhard, M. Goul, V. Smith-Daniels, H. Demirkan, E. Rabinovich (2010) Moving Forward and Making a Difference: Research Priorities for the Science of Service, Journal of Service Research, 13(1), 4-36.

Finalist, Society for Information Management Case Competition, 2011

Professional Leadership
Editor, International Journal of Expert Systems, 1998-2000; Associate Editor, Decision Sciences, 1990-1992; Editorial Board, Journal of Intelligent Systems in AccountingFinance, and Management, 1991-present; Member: Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Association for Information Systems, Association for Computing Machinery, Decision Sciences Institute



Representative Publications

Keith, M., H. Demirkan and M. Goul, “Advice Network Formation in IT Project Teams: The Role of Task Uncertainty” Forthcoming, Decision Sciences

Goul, M., P. Hung, and P.P. Maglio, “In Search of a New Alignment in Service Research” Special Issue Introduction, IEEE Transactions on Services Computing, forthcoming 2016.

Goul, M. Patrick C. K. Hung, Paul P. Maglio, “Introduction—In Search of a New Alignment in Service Research: A Unique Dual-Journal Special Section,” Service Science, Volume: 8, Number: 1 (March 2016): v-vi.

Schiller, S., M. Goul, L.S. Iyer, R. Sharda, D. Schrader and A. Daniel, “Build Your Dream (not just Big) Analytics Program,” Communications of the Association for Information Systems 37 (40): 811-826.

Mandiwalla, M., B. Fadem, M. Goul, J.F. George and D. Hale (2015) “Achieving Academic- Industry Collaboration with Departmental Advisory Boards” Management Information Systems Quarterly Executive, 14 (1): 17-37.

Gupta, B., M. Goul and B. Dinter (2015) “Business Intelligence and Big Data in Higher Education: Status of a Multi-Year Model Curriculum Development Effort for Business School Undergraduates, MS Graduates and MBAs” Communications of the Association for Information Systems 36 (23): 449-476.

Wixom, B. T. Ariyachandra, M. Goul. L. Iyer, U. Kulkarni and G. Phillips-Wren (2014) “The Current State of Business Intelligence in Academia: The Arrival of Big Data,” Communications of the Association for Information Systems 34 (1): 1-16.

Keith, M., H. Demirkan and M. Goul (2013) “Service Oriented Methodology for Systems Development,” Journal of Management Information Systems 30 (1): 227-259.

Demirkan, H. and M. Goul (2013) Taking value-networks to cloud services: security services, semantics and service level agreements. Inf. Syst. E-Business Management 11(1): 51-91.

Soper, D., H. Demirkan, M. Goul and R. St. Louis, (2012) “An Empirical Examination of the Impact of ICT Investments on Future Levels of Institutionalized Democracy and Foreign Direct Investment in Emerging Societies,” Journal of the Association for Information Systems, 13 (3).

Research Activity


Co-Principal Investigator, “Advanced Analytics Assessment” (with R. Santanam and R. St. Louis), $25,000 from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Arizona, (2015-16).

Co-Principal Investigator, “Closed-Loop, Predictive Analytics Integration,” (with J. Fowler and R. Askin), $178,000 from Cavalry, Inc. (2013).