Herbert Kaufman


Dr. Kaufman joined the economics faculty at Arizona State University in 1973 and became Professor of Economics in 1980. In 1988, Dr. Kaufman became Professor of Finance and in November 1991 became Chair of the department. Prior to coming to Arizona State University, he was an economist with the Federal National Mortgage Association in Washington, D.C. Dr. Kaufman received his Ph.D. degree in Economics from the Pennsylvania State University in 1972.

Dr. Kaufman has published extensively in academic journals on topics in investments, financial institutions, monetary policy, Government Sponsored Enterprises, and the capital markets. He is the author of Modern Money and Banking published by D.C. Heath and Financial Institutions, Financial Markets, and Money published by Harcourt Brace Jovanovich. Dr. Kaufman has consulted for the New York Stock Exchange, corporations, commercial banks, savings and loan associations, government agencies including the U.S. Treasury, the World Bank, the Congressional Budget Office, the General Accounting Office, as well as major law firms on financial issues. His current interests include research on hedge fund returns and flows, Government Sponsored Enterprises, and financial market integration.

Research Activity

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